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Need to convert a graphics file after saving it to your hard disk Open Paint (click the Start button, choose All Programs, Accessories, and click Paint) . The Windows Vista version of Paint works with all file formats that open in Photo Gallery, plus GIF and a few less common Bitmap formats . If you want to choose custom options such as compression levels for any of these formats, you ll need a third-party image-editing tool .)
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Both ASMX and WCF services can be configured to work with this scenario. The current requirements do not dictate that you need the features of WCF (such as multiple endpoints for communicating across multiple channels). Therefore, you might lean toward building these services with ASMX. Of course, you can also add WCF services to the same site. All access to the services is done over the web. In addition, the application would benefit greatly from the scalability of IIS, the caching in ASP.NET, session state management, and more. Therefore, you should consider hosting the services in IIS. You should consider exposing this data as WCF Data Services. This will ensure that partners are able to easily work with this data with a wide variety of clients. The user information can be stored by using ASP.NET sessions (in memory, in a proxy caching server, or inside a Microsoft SQL Server database).
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The strong versioning story presented here means that an assembly, App.exe, could bind to version of a Calculus.dll assembly and version of an AdvMath.dll assembly. The AdvMath.dll assembly could in turn bind to version of a Calculus.dll assembly. Take a look at Figure 3 5.
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Every time you want to transfer information about an employee, you have to have this whole group of statements, if you ever add a new piece of employee information for example, numWithholdings you have to find every place at which you have a block of assignments and add an assignment for newNumWithholdings = oldNumWithholdings. Imagine how horrible swapping data between two employees would be. You don t have to use your imagination here it is:
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In summary, if your query contains a GROUP BY clause, the SELECT clause is allowed to contain only group expressions. A group expression is a column name that is part of the GROUP BY clause, or a group function applied to any other column expression. See also Table 8-3 at the end of Section 8.6.
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Lesson 1: Using master Pages
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FIguRE 17-6 Final state of the delegate objects when the chain is complete
Assignment SELECT
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