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You can then add the RequiredAttribute class to any properties in your metadata class that you want to be required. When the control is rendered, Dynamic Data will mark the edit versions for these properties with the color if they are required fields.
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1 . Use the LoginStatus control to provide a logon link. 2. The LoginName, ChangePassword, and LoginView controls are useful only to
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Channel Field Sales Central Region Eastern Region Western Region
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SELECT DATEADD(day, DATEDIFF(day, '19000107', SYSDATETIME()) /7*7 + 7, '19000107');
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By manipulating subnet masks, you can customize address space to suit your network needs. Using subnetting, you can subdivide networks into distinct and separate groups. Using supernetting and CIDR, you can combine separate networks into a single address space.
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Description Returns the domain set for the authentication ticket. This property equals the value of the domain attribute in the <forms> section. Returns one of the four FormsCookieMode enumeration values (listed earlier in Table 10-2). Returns true if the current request supports cookies. If the AutoDetect mode is configured, it also checks for the browser s cookie capability and verifies that cookies haven t been disabled on the client. Returns the configured or default URL for the page to return after a request has been successfully authenticated. Matches the defaultUrl configuration attribute. Indicates whether redirects can span over different Web applications. Returns the configured cookie name used for the current application. The default name is .ASPXAUTH. Returns the configured cookie path used for the current application. The default is the root path /. Returns the configured or default URL for the login page. Matches the loginUrl configuration attribute. Gets a value indicating whether a cookie must be transmitted using only HTTPS. Gets a value indicating whether sliding expiration is enabled.
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s Caution One limitation of TinyMCE is article size. Although there should be no problem with most online postings (since they tend to be brief), if your text gets into the 200KB 300KB range, the editor will bog down. This is more a constraint of JavaScript than the application itself. Nonetheless, this can be a limitation if you plan on using Joomla as a document repository.
Advanced Security Management
need to do two reboots before Hyper-V is fully operational.
What s in Your Edition
FileStream[] fsArray;
Figure 5-8. The Frontpage Manager displays content from any section or category that is displayed on the home page.
Changing a Counter s Scaling Factor To change the scaling factor for a counter, go to the Data tab of the Performance Monitor Properties dialog box, select the counter, and then adjust the value of the Scale field. To return to the default scaling factor, choose Default in this field. Changing Colors, Fonts, and Titles Other options on the various tabs of the Performance Monitor Properties dialog box let you change colors and fonts for your chart or histogram, as well as for chart elements. You can also use Width, Color, and Style lists on the Data tab to modify the appearance of selected counters.
setup is cancelled or otherwise fails. Therefore, you should undo your registry modification here if the change has already taken place.
c.beginPath(); c.arc(150,35,25,Math.PI/2,3*Math.PI, false); c.stroke();
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