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In 9, I ll describe some of these attributes in detail. Any polymorphic instance method can be marked as either Abstract or Final but not both. Marking a virtual method as Final means that no more derived types can override the method but this is an uncommon thing to want to do. When compiling code, the language compiler is responsible for checking that the code is referencing types and members correctly. If the code references some type or member incorrectly, the language compiler has the responsibility of emitting the appropriate error message. In addition, the JIT compiler ensures that references to fields and methods are legal when compiling IL code into native CPU instructions. For example, if the verifier detects code that is improperly attempting to access a private field or method, the JIT compiler throws a FieldAccessException exception or a MethodAccessException exception, respectively. Verifying the IL code ensures that the accessibility modifiers and predefined attributes are properly honored at run time, even if a language compiler chose to ignore them and generated an otherwise valid assembly.
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The static Current property gives you a means of getting to the current request at any time . Many times, the HttpContext is passed as a method parameter (as in the method IHttpHandler.RequestProcess(HttpContext ctx)); however, there might be times when you need the context even though it hasn t been passed as a parameter . With the Current property, you can grab the current process out of thin air . For example, this is how you might use HttpContext.Current:
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To put this type of organizational mapping into a real-world context, consider an example organization. Figure 3-1 shows the business structure for a fictional company named Adventure Works Cycle.
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When you design tests that will run long after the initial version of a software program has shipped, it is imperative that you make a significant effort to design long-lasting and effective test cases. Many Microsoft applications have support plans that last as long as 10 years. After they are designed and written, test cases run continuously until the moment the product is released, but that's not the end of life for the tests. After an application ships to end users, the ownership of source code, documentation, test tools, test automation, and all other relevant collateral material passes either to a separate team or a subset of the product team who are responsible for making any necessary ensuing changes. The changes made by these sustained engineering teams include fixes for security, quick fix engineering (QFE) changes, and service pack development. The tests created for a specific release of a product run many thousands of times through the entire support cycle of the product. Nearly every test team approaches their test case design with the knowledge that the tests they create will need to run for many years. Because of the emphasis on long-term supportability at Microsoft, we use test automation extensively. This does not mean, however, that we do not value or perform manual testing. A good test strategy identifies areas where automation is or is not applicable and dictates an appropriate test approach. 10, "Test Automation," contains a detailed discussion of automated testing. Design is the act of systematically thinking or planning through a solution before beginning
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Secedit is a command-line version of the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in and offers some additional functionality. The following statement indicates the Secedit syntax, and Table 11-4 defines each setting.
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XQuery is a standard language for browsing XML instances and returning XML . It is much richer than XPath expressions, which allow you simple navigation only . With XQuery, you can navigate as with XPath; however, you can also loop over nodes, shape the returned XML instance, and much more . For a query language, you need a query-processing engine . The SQL Server database engine processes XQuery inside T-SQL statements through XML data type methods . Not all XQuery features are supported in SQL Server . For example, XQuery user-defined functions are not
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Whenever you call a BeginXxx method, it could throw an exception, of course . If this happens, you can assume that the asynchronous operation has not been queued, and therefore a thread pool thread will not invoke any callback method that you may have passed to the BeginXxx method . When a Windows device driver is processing an asynchronous I/O request, it is possible for something to go wrong, and Windows will need to inform your application of this . For example, while sending bytes or waiting for bytes to come in over the network, a timeout could expire . If the data does not come in time, the device driver will want to tell you that the asynchronous operation completed with an error . To accomplish this, the device driver posts the completed IRP to the CLR s thread pool and effectively puts an error code in the IAsyncResult object that represents the asynchronous operation . A thread pool thread will then invoke your callback method, passing it the IAsyncResult object . Your callback method will then pass the IAsyncResult object to the appropriate EndXxx method, which will see the error code, convert it to an appropriate Exception-derived object, and then throw this exception object . The result of all this is that exceptions work the same with asynchronous programming as they do with synchronous programming . However, you usually don t care about exceptions thrown from a BeginXxx call, and you usually do care about exceptions thrown from an EndXxx call . The following code demonstrates the use of exception handling and the APM:
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.fadeIn(), .fadeOut(), .fadeTo()
Permits the user to enable or disable users.
- while there were rows in the previous level of employees: - set @lvl = @lvl + 1; insert into table @Subs rows for the next level (mgrid in (empid values in previous level)) - return @Subs Run the code in Listing 9-4 to create the fn_subordinates1 function, which implements this algorithm as a UDF.
20 Exceptions and State Management
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