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This code generates the output shown in Table 4-30.
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Class Name
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Figure 2-2. Using a VPN connection to connect a remote access client to an organization s intranet.
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How It Works: Group Policy Versioning
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Empty and NULL DACLs
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Spec Explorer
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Write a handler for the SiteMapResolve event in the Global .asax file . Add a urlMappings section to web .config to map the virtual URLs . Add the virtual URLs to your site map data so that the user can more easily navigate to the given page . (Better yet, look into IIS 7 .0 URL rewriting .)
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8 Rich Controls and Services
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TFSBuild.proj [Verbose, PID 1236, TID 4000, 09:46:37.110] StartBuild: Added Build Process to a job
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Full Users with a full CAL have access to all of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as defined by their business unit and security roles. 3, Managing Security and Information Access, explains the details of configuring user access. Read-only Users with a read-only CAL can read data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but they cannot modify or delete any records. Some documentation refers to this type of CAL as a limited user. Employee Self-Service Users that need to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM data, but will not use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface or Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook. Employee Self-Service users would be able to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM data through a custom application, web portal, SharePoint, and so on. After they access the data, they are subject to limited privileges (for example, they cannot assign, share, or delete records). Administrative Users with an administrative CAL can modify the system settings and customize records, but they cannot modify any of the other records in the system. Administrative CALs are free of charge.
17. On the Custom Actions page, click New. 18. In the New Custom Action dialog box, type Automatic Certificate Enroll ment in the Description text box. In Program To Run, click Browse and browse to the Cmgetcer.dll file in the \Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools folder. In the Parameters text box, type GetCertificate /type 0 /name %ServiceName% /dir %ServiceDir% /f cmconfig.txt /a 1. In the Action Type drop-down list, click Post-connect. In the Run This Custom Action For drop-down list, click All Connections. Clear the Program Interacts With The User check box (as shown in Figure 7-31), and click OK.
The shield icon denotes an administrative action in Windows Vista and Windows 2008.
In our example, this returns the value October . Element 1 with elements 2 and 3 integrated:
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You d also use the Compare method to sort strings. However, you should always have Compare perform case sensitive comparisons when comparing strings for sorting. The reason is that two strings that differ only by case are considered equal, and as you sort the strings in a list, the order of the "equal" strings could be different each time you run the application; this could confuse the user. Internally, String s Compare method obtains the CurrentCulture associated with the calling thread and then reads the CurrentCulture s CompareInfo property. This property returns a reference to a System.Globalization.CompareInfo object. Because a CompareInfo object encapsulates a culture s character comparison tables, there s only one CompareInfo object per culture. String s Compare method simply determines the culture s CompareInfo object and then calls the object s Compare method. String s Compare method allows you to specify a case sensitive or case insensitive comparison. However, CompareInfo s Compare method exposes richer control over the comparison, which is required for some applications. These applications will have to obtain a reference to the desired culture s CompareInfo object and call its Compare method directly. Specifically, some overloads of CompareInfo s Compare method take a CompareOptions enumerated type, which defines the following symbols: IgnoreCase, IgnoreKanaType, IgnoreNonSpace, IgnoreSymbols, IgnoreWidth, None, Ordinal, and StringSort. For a complete description of these symbols, consult the .NET Framework documentation. The following code demonstrates how culture plays an important part when sorting strings:
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