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using (IDataReader reader = db.ExecuteReader(cmd)) { // use the reader here }
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The Observer pattern seeks to decouple those interested in an object s state change from the changing object. In the .NET Framework, this is often seen through events. Prism demonstrates a variation of the Observer pattern to separate the request for interaction
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Run your application in a browser. The first time you do so, it might take a little longer than expected to start, because Visual Studio is adding the ASPNETDB database to your project. Notice that your two controls appear on the page. Click the menu button in the upper-right corner of each control, and experiment with minimizing and closing the Web Parts. Notice that if you close a control you cannot reopen it without rerunning the site. Also notice that both Web Parts are currently labeled Untitled. Return to Visual Studio and open Default2.aspx in Design view. To give the Web Parts meaningful display names, you need to edit the Title property. Click the instance of CalendarControl, view the properties, and notice that the title is not displayed. To edit the Title property, you must manually add it to the source code, as shown here.
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In these zone files, resource records have the following syntax:
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To demonstrate that sp_executesql plan management is superior to that of EXEC, I ll use the same example I showed earlier when discussing EXEC:
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You can also edit metadata directly in Windows Explorer . For more details, see Using Windows Explorer with Media Files, 15 .
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remote access to specific applications, such as Terminal Services and Outlook, using SSL remote procedure call (RPC) or Outlook Web Access. SSL has its uses as long as it remains application-specific. Microsoft has tar geted several applications to be accessible remotely using SSL encryption, but each of the applications already has its own authentication and authorization capabilities, which makes SSL a viable option for them. SSL in itself does not have any mechanism for authentication and authoriza tion. Several vendors give proprietary authorization controls for SSL VPN, but none of these are ratified standards and, as stated earlier, for interoperability Microsoft will strictly adhere to IETF-ratified standards. Because SSL does not have the ability to do authorization control, it provides a lower level of secu rity than L2TP/IPSec or PPTP, which are based on secure and proven PPP methodology and EAP support.
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When you operate applications in server farms, you should configure a number of modifications. Because HTTP is a stateless protocol, it is necessary to carry session state information either in the URL or in a cookie. (Recall the earlier discussion of how to configure Forms Authentication to store its authentication state in either a cookie or the query string portion of the URL.) Much of the information in this state, however, needs to be encrypted and/or validated, which requires keys to be used by the Web server. If an encrypted or validated cookie or URL is set at one server, and then fed back as session state to another server, the request will be incomprehensible or invalid if the two servers do not share the same encryption key. By default, ASP.NET machine keys are automatically generated when the application starts, and each application gets its own machine key (so that in a shared hosting environment, one application cannot accidentally access another application s session state). In a Server Farm environment, then, the machine key needs to be shared. This is accomplished by using the ASP.NET Machine Keys feature, and clearing the Automatically Generate At Run Time boxes. At one computer in your server farm, you will then click Generate Keys to put a new, random machine key into the encryption and validation boxes. You can then copy and paste these key settings into the other computers in your server farms. If you are managing a large server farm, or if you will be frequently cycling your Machine Key, you should automate this feature, which you can do through WMI or by directly modifying the Web site s web.config file, as shown in the following example. Note that the validation key should be a randomly generated, 40-128 character hexadecimal string, representing a 20-64 byte random sequence and the decryption key should be a hexadecimal string 16 characters in length when using DES encryption and 48 characters in length when using Triple-DES encryption.
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1 2 3 4 5 However, it s possible to loop code in other ways. while and until allow you to loop code based on the result of a comparison made on each loop: x = 1 while x < 100 puts x x = x * 2 end
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SELECT empid, YEAR(orderdate) AS orderyear, COUNT_BIG(*) AS numorders FROM dbo.Orders GROUP BY empid, YEAR(orderdate); Page 127 Thursday, June 3, 2004 4:51 PM
Returns the largest number of characters that can be placed in the string . Gets or sets the size of the character array . Trying to set the capacity smaller than the string s length or bigger than MaxCapacity throws an ArgumentOutOfRangeException . Guarantees that the character array is at least the size specified . If the value passed is larger than the StringBuilder s current capacity, the current capacity increases . If the current capacity is already larger than the value passed to this property, no change occurs . Gets or sets the number of characters in the string . This will likely be smaller than the character array s current capacity . Setting this property to 0 resets the StringBuilder s contents to an empty string . The parameterless version of this method returns a String representing the StringBuilder s character array . Gets or sets the character at the specified index into the character array . In C#, this is an indexer (parameterful property) that you access using array syntax ([]) . Clears the contents of the StringBuilder object, the same as setting its Length property to 0 . Appends a single object to the end of the character array, growing the array if necessary . The object is converted to a string by using the general format and the culture associated with the calling thread . Inserts a single object into the character array, growing the array if necessary . The object is converted to a string by using the general format and the culture associated with the calling thread .
Earlier in this chapter you read that all Windows Server Code Name Cougar applications and roles had to be on the same server, yet here we are discussing acceptable roles indicating that Microsoft has split off the Edge Server role onto a separate server to reduce the attack surface of Exchange Server. Obviously, the two positions are in direct opposition. So how can you balance the fact that all of the Microsoft guidance indicates that Exchange Server needs an edge role, and that domain controllers should not be file servers, and all of the other best-practice tenets that security guidelines and doctrine present to the small business consultant and still justify your multi-role solution The key is to determining the right balance of risk.
The Design tab gives you choices for selecting the chart type, data source and arrangement, Quick Layout, Quick Styles, and the Move Chart command (see Figure 5-8). The Layout tab in Chart Tools enables you to enter chart properties, choose Office Shapes, add or edit chart elements, and make choices related to 3-D charts. The Format tab provides you the means to select different chart elements, add styles to the chart shape, including 3-D edges, shadows, bevel, and more (see Figure 5-9).
Recovering Backups
Description A required attribute that indicates the time, in seconds, that the page or user control is maintained in the cache. Indicates the location of the output cache. Not supported for user controls. The default value is Any, which means the page can be cached anywhere client, proxy server, or original Web server. Indicates whether the output of a user control is shared among multiple pages using that control. The default is false, which means that each page has its own copy of the control s output. The attribute is not supported for ASPX pages. Indicates a dependency on the specified table on a given SQL Server database. Whenever the contents of the table changes, the page output is removed from the cache. A semicolon-separated list of strings representing fully qualified names of properties on a user control. Valid only for caching user controls; don t use it with ASP.NET pages. Specifies any text that represents custom output caching requirements. If this attribute has a value of <browser>, the cache is varied by browser name and major version information. The value can be a custom string, but you must provide the custom logic to determine whether multiple copies of the same page must be created and how. A semicolon-separated list of HTTP headers that s used to vary the output cache. When this attribute is set to multiple headers, the output cache contains a different version of the requested page for each specified header. A semicolon-separated list of parameters that s used to vary the output cache. When this attribute is set to multiple strings, the output cache contains a different version of the requested document for each specified parameter.
to close the dialog box, and click Retry.
Description Indicates the URL to an image to display in the background Indicates the amount of space (in pixels) between the contents of a cell and the border Indicates the amount of space (in pixels) between cells Indicates the text to render in the control when it s bound to an empty data source Indicates the text to render in the control s footer Indicates the gridline style for the control Indicates the text to render in the control s header Indicates the horizontal alignment of the control on the page
public void deleteScheduleEntry(ScheduleEntry scheduleEntry) { deleteEntity(scheduleEntry); } public void deleteScheduleEntry(int scheduleEntryId) { deleteEntityById(ScheduleEntry.class, scheduleEntryId); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List<ScheduleEntry> getScheduleEntriesForUser(int userId) { return findFiltered(ScheduleEntry.class, ScheduleEntry.PROP_USER, new User(userId)); } public ScheduleEntry getScheduleEntryById(int scheduleEntryId) { return (ScheduleEntry) getEntityById(ScheduleEntry.class, scheduleEntryId); } public Reminder saveReminder(Reminder reminder) { saveEntity(reminder); return reminder; } public Reminder updateReminder(Reminder reminder) { updateEntity(reminder); return reminder; } public void deleteReminder(Reminder reminder) { deleteEntity(reminder); } public void deleteReminder(int reminderId) { deleteEntityById(Reminder.class, reminderId); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List<Reminder> getRemindersForScheduleEntry(int scheduleEntryId) { return findFiltered(Reminder.class, Reminder.PROP_SCHEDULE_ENTRY, new ScheduleEntry(scheduleEntryId)); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List<Reminder> getRemindersForUser(int userId) { return findFiltered(Reminder.class, Reminder.PROP_USER, new User(userId)); } }
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