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The Importance of Looking Good
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introduced in 2, Set Theory and Predicate Logic. In 2, you learned about ordered tuples, which had well-de ned positional parts: rst, second, and so on. Here, tuples still have well-de ned parts, but those parts are unordered, and they are identi ed by attribute names instead of ordinal positions. In 2, a relation was a set of ordered pairs from a Cartesian product. Here, a relation is a set of unordered tuples that have the same heading. The notions used in the relational model are more abstract, and making them mathematically precise is never intuitive.
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The EAP-TLS authentication protocol also allows for encryption of PPP connection data. However, this protocol requires configuration and is not automatically enabled by the Require Data Encryption (Disconnect If None) setting on the Security tab of the connection.
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The key to improving the loop is that the outer loop executes much more often than the inner loop. Each time the loop executes, it has to initialize the loop index, increment it on each pass through the loop, and check it after each pass. The total number of loop executions is 100 for the outer loop and 100 * 5 = 500 for the inner loop, for a total of 600 iterations. By merely switching the inner and outer loops, you can change the total number of iterations to 5 for the outer loop and 5 * 100 = 500 for the inner loop, for a total of 505 iterations. Analytically, you d expect to save about (600 505) / 600 = 16 percent by switching the loops. Here s the measured difference in performance:
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The AttributeUsage attribute defines how a new attribute can be used. AttributeUsage takes one positional and two named parameters, which are described in Table 6-2. The table also specifies the default value applied to an attribute declaration if the AttributeUsage attribute is omitted or a parameter isn't specified. A compiler error occurs if an attempt is made to use the AttributeUsage attribute on a class that is not derived from System.Attribute.
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In your custom web part, users will only be able to modify cells that you just unlocked. 4. Choose Tools Protection Protect Sheet to open the Protect Sheet dialog box, shown in Figure 10-4.
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Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development on Mac OS X ( tools/rubyonrails.html): Official documentation provided by Apple about installing Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X. 2009 Rubyist s Guide to a Mac OS X Development Environment (http://giantrobots. A guide to setting up an entire Ruby development environment on OS X, including the Git source control tool, SSH keys, Vim, MySQL, and various configuration files.
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Exercise: Adding the catalog_get_recommendations Function
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Installing and Configuring Windows Vista
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// String containing carriage-return and newline characters String s = "Hi\r\nthere.";
for (int index = numberArray.Length - 1; index >= 0; index--) if (checkBit) { numberArray[index] *= 2; if (numberArray[index] > 9) { numberArray[index] = 9; // correct statement is number -= 9; } } sumTotal += numberArray[index]; checkBit = !checkBit; } return sumTotal % 10 == 0;
5 Primitive, Reference, and Value Types
static void WriteLine(string)
Part II Advanced Features
Here s a small example of how to trap both values immediately after a suspect query:
Silverlight applications can be hosted on most types of web servers, such as Internet Information Services (IIS) or Apache. Typically, however, a web server is configured to serve only a few well-known file name extensions. To allow Silverlight applications to be served from your web server, you have to allow the MIME types in the following table to be served.
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