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serviceContract The ServiceContract attribute class is used to indicate that an interface (or class) is a WCF service. The ServiceContract attribute class has parameters for setting things such as whether the service requires a session (SessionMode), the namespace, the name of the contract, the return contract on a two-way contract (CallbackContract), and more. OperationContract The OperationContract attribute class is used to mark methods inside an interface (or class) as service operations. Methods marked with OperationContract represent those exposed by the service to clients. You can use the parameters of the OperationContract attribute class to define settings such as whether the contract does not return a reply (IsOneWay), the message-level security (ProtectionLevel), or whether the method supports asynchronous calls (AsyncPattern). DataContract The DataContract attribute class is used to mark types (classes, enumerations, or structures) that you write as participating in WCF serialization via the DataContractSerializer. Marking your classes with this attribute ensures that they can be sent efficiently to and from disparate clients. Datamember The DataMember attribute class is used to mark individual fields and properties that you want to serialize. You use this class in conjunction with the DataContract class. barcode freeware
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The decimal point identifies the position of the first decimal place. For example:
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Plugin Manager
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The primary benefit of XPathNavigator is the support for querying the contained data by using XPath expressions. The XPath expression can be passed to XPathNavigator methods either as a string or as an instance of System.Xml.XPath.XPathExpression. The XPathExpression class encapsulates a precompiled XPath expression. Instances are created using the XPathNavigator.Compile method passing a String argument containing the
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Part I Overview and Configuration
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Constructs/initializes parameter arrays Binds to members of dynamic variables and expressions Binds to extension methods Binds/invokes overloaded operators Constructs delegate objects Infers types when calling generic methods, declaring a local variable, and using a lambda expression Defines/constructs closure classes for lambda expressions and iterators Defines/constructs/initializes anonymous types and instances of them Rewrites code to support Language Integrated Queries (LINQs; query expressions and expression trees)
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.method privatescope static void __EntryPoint$PST06000001() cil managed { .entrypoint // Code size 8 (0x8) .maxstack 8 IL_0000: tail. IL_0002: call void [.module 'Program.netmodule']Program::Main() IL_0007: ret } // end of method 'Global Functions'::__EntryPoint data matrix code
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You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 1, Understanding ASP.NET MVC Applications. The questions are also available on the companion CD in a practice test, if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
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We know it s a boring way to name things, but we think it s a lot easier to understand than trying to remember that Zeus is the main SBS server, and Athena is the second server running SQL Server.
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FIGURE 26-3 Performance Monitor showing the percentage of processor time in use
The session security token (the FedAuth cookies) is sent on subsequent requests to the application. In the same way that the FAM handles the AuthenticationRequest event, the SAM executes the logic shown in Figure 10.
The Orders table has 830 rows, and 1 percent of 830 is 8.3. Because only whole rows can be returned and 8.3 were requested, the actual number of rows returned is 9. When TOP . . . PERCENT is used and the speci ed percent includes a fractional row, the exact number of rows requested is rounded up.
As was the case for calculating row numbers based on subqueries or joins, when calculating running aggregates based on similar techniques, the N2 performance issues I discussed before apply once again. Because running aggregates typically are calculated on a fairly small number of rows per group, you won t be adversely affected by performance issues, assuming you have appropriate indexes (keyed on grouping columns, then sort columns, and including covering columns). Let p be the number of partitions involved (employees in our case), let n be the average number of rows per partition (months in our case), and let a be the number of aggregates involved. The total number of rows scanned using the join approach can be expressed as pn + p(n+n2)/2 and as pn + ap(n+n2)/2 using the subquery approach because with subqueries the optimizer uses a separate scan per subquery. It s important to note that the N2 complexity is relevant to the partition size and not the table size. If the number of rows in the table grows by a factor of f but the partition size doesn t change, the run time increases by a factor of f as well. If, on the other hand, the average partition size grows by a factor of f, the run time increases by a factor of f2. With small partitions (say, up to several dozen rows), this set-based solution provides reasonable performance. With large partitions, a cursor solution would be faster despite the overhead associated with row-by-row manipulation because a cursor scans the rows only once, and the per-row overhead is constant.
Figure 10-9. Use the Add Web Parts pane to import your custom web part.
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