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. . 1 . . Create a new Silverlight application named SilverlightAnimations . Have Visual Studio create an ASP .NET Web Project . 2 . . Add 5 ColumnDefinitions and 10 RowDefinitions to the Grid that is the LayoutRoot . This is all the XAML code you add in this example . The rest of the code lives in the code beside .
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Managing Reports
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When a setup program invokes NGen .exe on an application or a single assembly, all of the assemblies for that application or the one specified assembly have their IL code compiled into native code . A new assembly file containing only this native code instead of IL code is created by NGen .exe . This new file is placed in a folder under the directory with a name like C:\Windows\Assembly\NativeImages_v4 .0 .#####_64 . The directory name includes the version of the CLR and information denoting whether the native code is compiled for x86 (32-bit version of Windows), x64, or Itanium (the latter two for 64-bit versions of Windows) . Now, whenever the CLR loads an assembly file, the CLR looks to see if a corresponding NGen d native file exists . If a native file cannot be found, the CLR JIT compiles the IL code as usual . However, if a corresponding native file does exist, the CLR will use the compiled code contained in the native file, and the file s methods will not have to be compiled at runtime . On the surface, this sounds great! It sounds as if you get all of the benefits of managed code (garbage collection, verification, type safety, and so on) without all of the performance problems of managed code (JIT compilation) . However, the reality of the situation is not as rosy as it would first seem . There are several potential problems with respect to NGen d files:
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FIGURE 2-14 Item transformation visualization
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Sometimes, web design might require multiple levels of master pages. For example, every single page on your site might have the same logo, search box, and copyright information. However, although pages within your online store might include navigation for product categories and a shopping cart link, pages within the community discussion section of your site would include forum navigation and links for user profile management. In this scenario, you could create a top-level master page for the logo, search box, and copyright information. You could then nest different master pages for the store and community sections of your website. You can create a child master page from the Add New Item dialog box in Visual Studio by selecting the Select Master Page check box, as shown in Figure 2-2. You will then need to select the parent master page. Visual Studio will automatically specify the necessary declarations.
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Calling a Remote Service
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<configuration> <system.Web> <httpHandlers> <add verb="*" path="*.jpg" type="ImageHandler"/> </httpHandlers> </system.Web> </configuration>
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Note A ContentPlaceHolder control can be used only in a master
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Like the Panel control, the MultiView and View controls are also container controls; that is, they are used to group other controls. Again, this is useful when you want to treat and manage a group of controls as a single unit. A MultiView exists to contain other View controls. A View control must be contained inside a MultiView. The two controls are meant to work together. The MultiView is meant to contain many child View controls. It allows you to hide one and then show another View to the user. The MultiView control is also used to create wizards, where each View control in the MultiView control represents a different step or page in the wizard. MultiView and View do not generate any direct HTML elements when they are rendered, because these controls are essentially server-side controls that manage the visibility of their child controls. In Source view, the MultiView control is represented as an <asp:MultiView> element, and the View control is represented as an <asp:View> element nested inside a MultiView.
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Overview of .NET
Table 5-17. Property Declaration Modifier Availability
Note To apply a certain execution plan in a case where the optimizer would normally opt for another plan that is more ef cient, I had to use a table hint to force using the relevant index. Of course, logical reads shouldn t be the only indication you rely on. Remember that different I/O patterns have different performance and that physical reads are much more expensive than logical reads. But when you see a signi cant difference in logical reads between two options, it is usually a good indication of which option is faster. Figure 4-61 has a graphical depiction of the information from Table 4-10. You can observe many interesting things when analyzing the graph. For example, you can clearly see which plans are based on selectivity and which aren t. You can also see the selectivity point at which one plan becomes better than another.
14 Creating Websites with ASP.NET MVC 2
MSBuild is shipped with many built-in tasks, and there are many tasks that are available by third parties. Even with these there may be times where you need to write your own task. In this chapter, we will take a look at how custom tasks are created and used. In the next chapter, we will cover custom loggers. Before you create a new task you should make sure that you cannot reuse an already existing task to ful ll your needs. Here is a list of open source task repositories where you can nd MSBuild tasks:
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Planning the Rest of Your Slides
Figure 10-23. Result of Derived Styles Using BasedOn
5 Transactions and Concurrency
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