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have to be very careful of side effects from conditional expressions. In the following C# code, if you set a conditional breakpoint on the line that calls Console.WriteLine and you enter the condition as i = 3 (notice there's only one equal sign in the condition), what do you think happens If you guessed that the condition changes the value of i and causes an infinite loop, you're correct. I can't emphasize enough that you need to be extremely careful when entering your expressions so that they are correct. for ( Int32 i = 0 ; i < 10 ; i++ ) { Console.WriteLine ( "{0}" , i ) ; } In the second example, I have a Windows Forms application written in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET with the following simple method: Private Sub btnSkipBreaks_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles btnSkipBreaks.Click Dim i As Integer ' Clear the output edit control. edtOutput.Clear() m_TotalSkipPresses += 1 edtOutput.Text = "Total presses: " + _ m_TotalSkipPresses.ToString() + _ vbCrLf For i = 1 To 10 ' Append each character to the output edit box. edtOutput.Text += i.ToString() + vbCrLf ' Force the output edit box to update on each iteration. edtOutput.Update() Next End Sub If you happen to be thinking C# when entering a breakpoint inside the For loop and set the breakpoint conditional expression modifier to i==3 (the correct Visual Basic .NET expression would be i=3) because the program is running, you'll see a fine message box similar to the one in Figure 6-1. What's sad is that you'll see the edit control fill with all the text, indicating that the code continues to execute. For Windows Forms and console applications, you should always set conditional expressions before starting the debugger. That way, if any of the expressions are ill-formed, Visual Studio .NET will notify you and stop on the first line of the program, thus giving you a fighting chance to correct the problem. For Microsoft ASP.NET applications and XML Web services, there's nothing you can do to get an early chance to rectify breakpoint conditional expression modifier problems, so you have to take extra care when setting the expressions. 212
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balance = balance - lastPayment; monthlyTotal = NewPurchases + SalesTax( newPurchases ); balance = balance + LateFee( customerID, balance ) + monthlyTotal; balance = balance + Interest( customerID, balance );
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computer users throughout the 1980s and 1990s were exposed to it in one form or another through the many talk to your computer type programs that became popular. The conversations you can have with ELIZA-type bots aren t mind blowing, but can prove entertaining, as shown in Figure 12-1. The general mechanism ELIZA bots use is to take whatever you say and twist it around into a statement or question to you. For example, if you were to say I am bored, ELIZA might respond, How long have you been bored or Why are you bored This form of bouncing back the user s input seems crude when described in this way, but people are often fooled into believing they re talking to something more intelligent simply because of its reflective nature (this is known as the ELIZA effect).
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class Complex { public static Complex operator+(Complex c1, Complex c2) { ... } public Complex Add(Complex c) { return(this + c); } } generator pdf417
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the OS/360 operating system, which gives me some reservations. It s full of advice along the lines of We did this and it failed and We should have done this because it would have worked. Brooks s observations about techniques that failed are well grounded, but his claims that other techniques would have worked are too speculative. Read the book critically to separate the observations from the speculations. This warning doesn t diminish the book s basic value. It s still cited in computing literature more often than any other book, and even though it was originally published in 1975, it seems fresh today. It s hard to read it without saying Right on! every couple of pages. code 39 generator code
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Enum Declaration Context Member of Namespace Accessibility public protected private internal protected internal Inheritance new abstract sealed virtual override Other readonly volatile static extern
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Common Security Scenarios
9 Entity Customization: Relationships
several TextBox, Label, and Button controls, and you want to be able to add the control to the Toolbox. What is the best choice of control to create
Computer-science researchers have been aware of the importance of complexity for at least two decades. Many years ago, Edsger Dijkstra cautioned against the hazards of complexity: The competent programmer is fully aware of the strictly limited size of his own skull; therefore he approaches the programming task in full humility (Dijkstra 1972). This does not imply that you should increase the capacity of your skull to deal with enormous complexity. It implies that you can never deal with enormous complexity and must take steps to reduce it wherever possible. Control-flow complexity is important because it has been correlated with low reliability and frequent errors (McCabe 1976, Shen et al. 1985). William T. Ward reported a significant gain in software reliability resulting from using McCabe s complexity metric at Hewlett-Packard (1989b). McCabe s metric was used on one 77,000-line program to identify problem areas. The program had a post-release defect rate of 0.31 defects per thousand lines of code. A 125,000line program had a post-release defect rate of 0.02 defects per thousand lines of code. Ward reported that because of their lower complexity both programs had substantially fewer defects than other programs at Hewlett-Packard. My own company, Construx Software, has experienced similar results using complexity measures to identify problematic routines in the 2000s.
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