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-- All nodes SELECT @x.query('CustomersOrders/Customer/node()') AS [2. All nodes]; -- Comment nodes only SELECT @x.query('CustomersOrders/Customer/comment()') AS [3. Comment nodes]; -- Customer 2 orders SELECT @x.query('//Customer[@custid=2]/Order') AS [4. Customer 2 orders]; -- All orders with orderid=10952, no matter of parents SELECT @x.query('//../Order[@orderid=10952]') AS [5. Orders with orderid=10952]; -- Second Customer with at least one Order childSELECT @x.query('(/CustomersOrders/Customer/ Order/parent::Customer)[2]') AS [6. 2nd Customer with at least one Order]; -- Conditional expressionS -- Testing sql variable DECLARE @element NVARCHAR(20); SET @element=N'orderdate'; SELECT @x.query(' if (sql:variable("@element")="companyname") then CustomersOrders/Customer/companyname else CustomersOrders/Customer/Order/orderdate ') AS [7. Order dates]; -- This if does not change the flow of XQuery -- It returns company names for both customers SELECT @x.query(' if (CustomersOrders/Customer[@custid=1]) then CustomersOrders/Customer/companyname else CustomersOrders/Customer/Order/orderdate ') AS [8. Company names]; GO SET NOCOUNT OFF; GO
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FIGURE 4-6 Using metadata
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if ( ! SomeTest ) { // do something ... }
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In front of this declaration, the membership API instantiates the specified provider class and uses it through the implemented interfaces. No other action is required on your part.
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Timestamp Text Type PossibleAnswers
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whole table: SELECT ((SELECT MAX(val) FROM (SELECT TOP(50) PERCENT val FROM dbo.Groups ORDER BY val) AS M1) + (SELECT MIN(val) FROM (SELECT TOP(50) PERCENT val FROM dbo.Groups ORDER BY val DESC) AS M2)) /2. AS median;
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To apply a ScaleTransform to this object, you use a RenderTransform and specify the transform to be a ScaleTransform. Here s the XAML:
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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protected virtual void OnTextChanged(EventArgs e) { if (TextChanged != null) TextChanged(this,e); } } }
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To install a computer or user certificate on a computer across the Internet,
Table 10-4 details the methods supported by the FormsAuthentication class.
Page Header Prompt and Response Tip Text Comments
Much more importance is also attached to the color quality in Microsoft Office 2007 than in previous versions . The graphical resources of programs have been considerably enhanced and improved . If you want to use the new options fully, you will have to work with the highest possible color quality (32-bit color depth) . Note You can access the dialog box shown in Figure 1-2 for setting the screen resolution and color quality on Windows Vista . Select the Start button, then click Control Panel and choose the Display and Change option, followed by Change Screen Resolution, or right-click an empty space on the desktop and then choose the Change/Display command .
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