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Contents 32.1 External Documentation
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Listing 3-7. The HISTORY Table create table ( empno , beginyear , begindate , enddate , deptno , msal , comments HISTORY number(4) number(4) date date number(2) number(6,2) varchar2(60) not null not null not null not null not null );
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SELECT custid, empid, shipperid, COUNT(*) AS numorders FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderdate >= '20080201' AND orderdate < '20080301' GROUP BY CUBE(custid, empid, shipperid);
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As a basic example, the following code issues two INSERT statements in a single transaction:
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Regular expressions can contain normal characters (such as letters or digits) and match against these, but you can use special characters to represent more abstract concepts such as any character or any digit. The following are some of the special characters that you can use in regular expressions or to create sub-expressions: .: Matches any character except the newline character. []: Matches a character range or set. See 3 for full details. (): Denotes a sub-expression. For example, (abc)+ matches 'abcabcabc'. |: Separates alternate choices. For example, t|x matches 't' or 'x'. \w: Matches any alphanumeric character or underscore. \W: Matches anything \w doesn t match. \b: Matches a word boundary (but not a specific character). \B: Matches anything \b doesn t match. \d: Matches digits (0 through 9). \D: Matches anything \d doesn t match (non-digits). \s: Matches whitespace characters (spaces, tabs, newlines, form feeds). \S: Matches anything \S doesn t match (non-whitespace). \A: Matches the beginning of a string. \Z: Matches the end of a string. ^: Matches the beginning of a line (or string). $: Matches the end of a line (or string).
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The iconxpm image is a 16 16 image in XPM format. The icon26 image is a 26 26 image in PNG format. The icon48 image is a 48 48 image in PNG format. The icon64 image is a 64 64 image in PNG format.
Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
Part II
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