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Sketching the Detail Slides
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Diagnosing and Resolving Issues Related to Service Dependency
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C++ Example of a Complicated Chain of Logic
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The GDI+ managed classes support images through the abstract System.Drawing.Image class, equivalent to java.awt.Image. The .NET Framework provides two concrete implementations of the Image class, System.Drawing.Bitmap and System.Drawing.Imaging.Metafile. The Bitmap class is responsible for managing bitmap images. GDI+ supports the following formats:
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Click the Add Criteria button to see a list of the ways you can search.
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Before we analyze the different types of dependencies and how to mitigate them, we need to understand which types of dependencies are acceptable and which are not.
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The rst thing to notice about the DeployToServer target is that it depends on the Build target. In this target a few properties are rst declared that will be used throughout the target. The _ServerName property contains the name of the server that the application is to be deployed to. After the properties are declared, the destination folder is created, if it doesn t already exist, by using the MakeDir task. Then a set of les is copied to the server. Finally the CreateVirtualDirectory task is used to create a virtual directory on the remote machine. The properties of this task are summarized in Table 9-6.
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Acceptable Dependencies
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Building a Remote Service
Source IP address of the VPN server s perimeter network interface and UDP
Microsoft Dynamics CRM will not remove any managed components shared between multiple managed solutions from the same publisher. Any system settings imported with the solution will not be rolled back when a solution is deleted. It s possible to make unmanaged customizations that touch or are dependent components used by the managed solution. For dependent components, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will prevent you from deleting the managed solution until the dependency is removed. An example would be creating a workflow process based on a custom entity or field of the managed solution. For customizations such as changing a label on a view, the solution will be removed, but those changes will remain in the system and need to be manually cleaned up. You ll see an example of this later in the chapter.
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