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4. Language Syntax and Features
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In selecting a VPN technology, it is important to consider administrative issues. Large networks need to store per-user directory information in a centralized data store, or directory service, so that administrators and applications can add to, mod ify, or query this information. Each access or tunnel server could maintain its own internal database of per-user properties, such as names, passwords, and dial-in permission attributes. However, because it is administratively prohibitive to maintain
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Figure 4-8.
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The type acts as a primitive type . Specifically, this means that it is a fairly simple type that has no members that modify any of its instance fields . When a type offers no members that alter its fields, we say that the type is immutable . In fact, it is recommended that many value types mark all their fields as readonly (discussed in 7, "Constants and Fields") . The type doesn t need to inherit from any other type . The type won t have any other types derived from it .
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Summary pane of the Frame Viewer window
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Dynamic Properties and Items: MSBuild 3.5
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Delegate operations (+ and -)The delegate concatenation and removal operators are new to C#, as are delegates. Type information (is, sizeof, and typeof) The C# is operator is the equivalent of the Java instanceof operator. The sizeof operator returns the bytes occupied by a value type in memory. It has no equivalent in Java and can be used only in an unsafe code block. See the "Unsafe Code" section in 6 for details. The typeof operator is a useful way to get a System.Type object for the class name specified as the operand. The Java equivalent is the static method Class.forName or the public static Class field that is inherited by every type.
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So far we have been consistent about naming our tables in singular form (shopping_cart, Tip
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You can run reports in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface from one of three areas:
Lines and columns start at 1 in a le; that is, the beginning of a le is 1, and the leftmost column is 1. If the Origin is a tool name, then it must not change based on locale; that is, it needs to be locale neutral.
Single assembly for all outputs One assembly per folder All pages and control outputs to a single assembly Separate assembly for each page and control output
between the following methods or properties: 'StringBuilderExtensions. IndexOf(string, char)' and 'AnotherStringBuilderExtensions. IndexOf(string, char)'." To fix this error, you must modify your source code .
spid, restype, dbid, res, resid, mode, status
6. Advanced Language Features
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