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This section describes a tuning methodology developed in the company I work forSolid Quality Learningand have been implementing with our customers. Credits go to the mentors within the company who took part in developing and practicing the methodology, especially to Andrew J. Kelly, Brian Moran, Fernando G. Guerrero, Eladio Rinc n, Dejan Sarka, Mike Hotek, and Ron Talmage, just to name a few. So, when your system suffers from performance problems, how do you start to solve the problems The answer to this question reminds me of a programmer and an IT manager at a company I worked for years ago. The programmer had to finish writing a component and deploy it, but there was a bug in his code that he couldn't find. He produced a printout of the code (which was pretty thick) and went to the IT manager, who was in a meeting. The IT manager was extremely good at detecting bugs, which is why the programmer sought him. The IT manager took the thick printout, opened it, and immediately pointed to a certain line of code. "Here's your bug," he said. "Now go." After the meeting was over, the programmer asked the IT manager how he found the bug so fast The IT manager replied, "I knew that anywhere I pointed there would be a bug." Back to query tuning, you can point anywhere in the database and there will be room for tuning there. The question is, is it worth it For example, would it be worthwhile to tune the concurrency aspects of the system if blocking contributes only to 1 percent of the waits in the system as a whole It's important to follow a path or methodology that leads you through a series of steps to the main problem areas or bottlenecks in the systemthose that contribute to most of the waits. This section will introduce such a methodology. Before you continue, drop the existing clustered index from the Orders table: USE Performance; GO DROP INDEX dbo.Orders.idx_cl_od;
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The VPN connection must be configured to use EAP with the Smart Card Or
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<configuration> <system.web>
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Use the following web server controls:
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CS0123: No overload for 'FeedbackToConsole' matches delegate 'Feedback'."
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27 I/O-Bound Asynchronous Operations
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Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes
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String s1 = "Hello"; String s2 = "Hel"; String s3 = s2 + "lo"; s3 = String.Intern(s3); Console.WriteLine(Object.ReferenceEquals(s1, s3)); Console.WriteLine(s1.Equals(s3));
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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Stored Procedure: usp_movesubtree, -Moves a whole subtree of a given root to a new location -under a given manager --------------------------------------------------------------------USE tempdb; GO IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.usp_movesubtree') IS NOT NULL DROP PROC dbo.usp_movesubtree; GO CREATE PROC dbo.usp_movesubtree @root INT, @mgrid INT AS SET NOCOUNT ON; BEGIN TRAN; -- Update level and path of all employees in the subtree (E) -- Set level = -current level + new manager's level - old manager's level -- Set path = -in current path remove old manager's path -and substitute with new manager's path UPDATE E SET lvl = E.lvl + NM.lvl - OM.lvl, path = STUFF(E.path, 1, LEN(OM.path), NM.path) FROM dbo.Employees AS E -- E = Employees (subtree) JOIN dbo.Employees AS R -- R = Root (one row) ON R.empid = @root AND E.path LIKE R.path + '%' JOIN dbo.Employees AS OM -- OM = Old Manager (one row) ON OM.empid = R.mgrid JOIN dbo.Employees AS NM -- NM = New Manager (one row) ON NM.empid = @mgrid; -- Update root's new manager UPDATE dbo.Employees SET mgrid = @mgrid WHERE empid = @root; COMMIT TRAN; GO
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CREATE FUNCTION dbo.RegexIsMatch (@inpstr AS NVARCHAR(MAX), @regexstr AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) RETURNS BIT EXTERNAL NAME CLRUtilities.[CLRUtilities.CLRUtilities].RegexIsMatch; GO
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DECLARE @FromTime datetime = DATEADD(DAY,-1,SYSDATETIME()); DECLARE @LastTime datetime; EXEC dbo.Get_Employee_Data_Changes @FromTime, @LastTime OUTPUT;
Figure 5-16
To search the contents of all indexed files, use the Search box in the Search folder . Before you begin, click Advanced Search and make sure that the Location field is set to Indexed Locations .
9 RADIUS server
// 1: Access all elements of the array using the usual, safe technique sw = Stopwatch.StartNew(); for (Int32 test = 0; test < testCount; test++) Safe2DimArrayAccess(a2Dim); Console.WriteLine("{0}: Safe2DimArrayAccess", sw.Elapsed); // 2: Access all elements of the array using the jagged array technique sw = Stopwatch.StartNew(); for (Int32 test = 0; test < testCount; test++) SafeJaggedArrayAccess(aJagged); Console.WriteLine("{0}: SafeJaggedArrayAccess", sw.Elapsed); // 3: Access all elements of the array using the unsafe technique sw = Stopwatch.StartNew(); for (Int32 test = 0; test < testCount; test++) Unsafe2DimArrayAccess(a2Dim); Console.WriteLine("{0}: Unsafe2DimArrayAccess", sw.Elapsed); Console.ReadLine(); } private static Int32 Safe2DimArrayAccess(Int32[,] a) { Int32 sum = 0; for (Int32 x = 0; x < c_numElements; x++) { for (Int32 y = 0; y < c_numElements; y++) {
This chapter has demonstrated the features of the String class and the functionality provided by the .NET class libraries to support string manipulation. We have shown that the support in both Java and .NET is broadly the same with respect to simple string manipulation, dynamic string building, and string encoding. The string formatting features of .NET, however, offer better integration with the rest of the class library than the equivalent functionality in Java, and the C# params support results in cleaner syntax. The use of the IFormattable interface and the encapsulation of rendering logic within the target class provide a flexible architecture. The regular expression implementation provided in .NET is strong and offers a superset of the functionality provided in Java version 1.4. The stateless, collection-oriented match capabilities are useful, and the ability to search text right to left provides support for localized searching.
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