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Figure 7.2 A published presentation showing the table of contents and slides area. Selecting the Font and Colors for the Table of Contents The table of contents provides an outline or guide to your presentation. It lets your users see a list of topics that are covered in your presentation. The topics are clickable links that the audience can use to navigate through your presentation. Therefore, if an individual watching your presentation in his or her Web browser wanted to watch a specific part of the presentation, he or she could do so by clicking the corresponding table of contents entry. 9 discusses the process of creating and editing a table of contents for your presentation. The fonts that you can select for table of contents entries consist of a list of fonts that will display properly in most Web browsers. These are fonts that are common and are likely to be installed on your audience s computers. This is important because your audience must have the selected font installed on their computers in order to see the font in their Web browsers when they watch your published presentation. In addition to specifying the font for the table of contents, you can select the font size (which determines how
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Problem Signatures
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et s make some money! Your e-commerce web site needs a way to receive payments from customers. The preferred solution for established companies is to open a merchant account, but many small businesses choose to start with a solution that s simpler to implement, where they don t have to process credit card or payment information themselves. A number of companies and web sites can help individuals or small businesses that don t have the resources to process credit cards and wire transactions. These companies can be used to intermediate the payment between online businesses and their customers. Many of these payment-processing companies are relatively new, and the handling of any individual s financial details is very sensitive. Additionally, a quick search on the Internet will produce reports from both satisfied and unsatisfied customers for almost all of these companies. For these reasons, we are not recommending any specific third-party company. Instead, this chapter lists some of the companies currently providing these services, and then demonstrates some of the functionality they provide with PayPal. You ll learn how to integrate PayPal with HatShop in the first two stages of development. In this chapter, you will Learn how to create a new PayPal Website Payments Standard account. Learn how to integrate PayPal in stage 1 of development, where you ll need a shopping cart and custom checkout mechanism. Learn how to integrate PayPal in stage 2 of development, where you ll have your own shopping cart, so you ll need to guide the visitor directly to a payment page. Learn how to configure PayPal to automatically calculate shipping costs.
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Here s a great new feature in Office OneNote 2007: quick calculations. How many times in the course of a day do you need to stop and quickly open the Calculator accessory to do some simple math Maybe you need to figure out the total number of lunches you need to order for an upcoming workshop; or you might need to reserve the larger conference room for the sales meeting next week (but you need a total to be sure). In Office OneNote 2007, you can now simply type your calculation on a note page, and when you type the equal symbol (=) and press the spacebar, Office OneNote 2007 performs the calculation and enters the result automatically for you. This simple feature saves you the time and trouble of stopping what you re doing, opening another application, entering the calculation, and pasting it back into your notes.
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connect an ASP.NET Button control to its server-side event. Therefore, to connect an ASP.NET Button control to a client-side JavaScript method, you can use the onClientClick attribute. In fact, you can set both the onClick and onClientClick attributes to respond to both a server-side and a client-side event for the same control. (Note that returning false from onClick negates the postback, but using onClientClick is preferred for client-side only event processing.) The following code shows an example of how you might replace the Input tag in the previous example with an ASP.NET Button control.
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// Display the results query.ForAll(Console.WriteLine);
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Introducing SharePoint Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .525
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DataKeyNames DataKeys
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Now that you know the basics of secure data transmission and authentication with dialog security, I ll cover how to configure services to use dialog security . For mutual authentication, the initiator will need a private key and the target s public key . The target needs its private key and the initiator s public key . To provide these, Service Broker takes advantage of the support SQL Server 2008 provides for storing certificates . It s important to understand that Service Broker primarily uses a certificate as a convenient container for an asymmetric key . Service Broker never traces the issuer of the certificate . It only checks validity dates to determine a certificate s validity . For Service Broker s purposes, a self-signed certificate works just as well as a certificate from a certificate authority . To fit into the SQL Server security infrastructure, certificates need to own services and hold permissions . However, SQL Server certificates are not security principals, so they can t be assigned ownership or permissions . This means that a certificate must be associated with a user that is a security principal . The user is associated with the certificate through ownership . Certificates are not owned by schemas but are owned directly by users through the AUTHORIZATION parameter of CREATE CERTIFICATE . The other useful SQL Server 2008 feature that Service Broker takes advantage of is the user with no login . If you specify WITHOUT LOGIN in the CREATE USER statement, the user will be created without being associated with a login . This means that you can assign permissions to this user, but no external user can ever log in as this user . This arrangement helps make Service Broker applications more secure . The BEGIN DIALOG command needs to know which certificates to use to secure the dialog . The private key comes from the owner of the service object . The public key to use comes from the user specified in the remote service binding for the service . The Remote Service Binding is a Service Broker object that ties a remote service name to a user who owns the public key associated with the service . The keys corresponding to these two certificates the public key of the initiating service owner s certificate and the private key of the REMOTE SERVICE BINDING user s certificate must be present in the target database to establish the dialog . The private key certificate corresponding to the remote service binding user of the initiator must have CONTROL permission on the target service, and the public key certificate corresponding to the initiator service owner s certificate must have SEND permissions on the target service . The security header sent with the first message of a dialog contains identifiers of the two certificates used to create the security header so that the target knows which certificates to use . The certificate identifier is the combination of the issuer name and the sequence number, which should be unique . The KEK is encrypted with the public key of the Remote Service Binding user s certificate, and it is signed with the private key of the initiator service owner s certificate . If the target has the same certificates, it can validate the signature and decrypt the KEK . Once both endpoints have the KEK, dialogs can be established between the endpoints using the KEK to transfer the session key for the dialog without having to use the certificates until the KEK changes or is lost through a database restart . (The KEK is never written to disk for security reasons, so if either endpoint is restarted, a new KEK must be established .)
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Page 115 Step-by-Step: Importing or Capturing Audio and Video To add digital media files to your presentation: 1. If you have recorded audio or video that you want to capture on your computer, or if you want to capture live video, audio, or still images, click Capture to start the Capture Wizard. On the main page of the Capture Wizard, you can choose which type of content you want to capture. After you capture the content and save it as a file, the Capture Wizard ends, and the video, audio, or still image is added to the list of files to be imported in the Import or Capture Audio and Video page of the New Presentation Wizard. For more information, see chapter 8. Still images captured from the Import or Capture Audio and Video page are added to the Video track of the timeline. This means that these images show in the video display area of the presentation template, not the slide display area. 2. If you know the path and file name of the audio or video file that you want to import, type that location in the Path box, and then click Add. 3. If you want to locate and select the individual audio or video files, click Browse, locate the audio or video file you want to import into your current presentation, and then click Open. Video and audio content you select will be added to the Video and Audio 2 tracks, respectively, on the timeline after you have completed the wizard. You can later synchronize the slides or still images with the audio and video you select on this page of the wizard. To select multiple audio and video files, you can press the Ctrl key and click each video or audio file that you want to include in your presentation. If the files appear contiguously, you can press the Shift key, click the first file in the list, and then click the last file in the list while still pressing the Shift key. 4. After selecting multiple files, click Move Up or Move Down to specify the order in which the audio and video will be added to the timeline. 5. To remove an audio or video file from the list of files to be imported select the file in the Files box, and then click Remove. 6. Click Next. Depending on the content you selected, you will either proceed to the Synchronize Presentation page or the Complete Presentation page.
Another problem involving self-contained subqueries is returning all orders placed on the last actual order date of the month. Note that the last actual order date of the month might be different than the last date of the month for example, if a company doesn t place orders on weekends. So the last actual order date of the month has to be queried from the data. Here s the solution query:
The XmlTextReader class provides a set of overloaded constructors offering flexibility for specifying the source of the XML document to be parsed. For example, the following statement creates a new XmlTextReader using the SomeXmlFile.xml file located in the assembly directory as a source:
Which of the following server-side methods of the HttpServerUtility class can be used to navigate to a different webpage without requiring a round trip to the client
provPattern.Value = "[A-Z]{2}"; provinceRestriction.Facets.Add(provPattern); // Get the sequence for the AddressType XmlSchemaSequence seq = (XmlSchemaSequence) ct.Particle; seq.Items.Add(provElem); // Compile the schema schema.Compile(null); // Save the schema XmlTextWriter writer = new XmlTextWriter("out.xsd", null); writer.Formatting = Formatting.Indented; schema.Write(writer); writer.Close(); } This code reads the schema using an XML reader and checks for a complex type named AddressType. If the type is not found, the application exits immediately. The search for a complex type is performed by scanning the contents of the schema's Items collection of XmlSchemaObject objects. XmlSchemaObject is the base class for all schema components. Figure 3-12 shows a non-exhaustive diagram of the schema object relationships. (See the section "Further Reading," on page 133, for additional references.)
9 Dynamic SQL
Click Launch The DNS Forwarders Migration Task. When the task completes, you ll see the informational message shown in Figure 7-50.
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