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oriented user interface is to bubble up or expose existing features. Animations are something that a lot of people want to add to their presentation, but in previous versions you had to hunt for the feature and the options. By creating one tab and putting all the animation options on it, we made it easy for everyone to quickly animate their presentations. You can think of each of the tabs as a step you take in the process of creating and making a presentation. And adding animation to your presentation is often a key part of creating a presentation.
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Access to more performance counters
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Lesson 1: Using Master Pages
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The previous code examples show how to explicitly call a type s Dispose or Close method . If you decide to call either of these methods explicitly, I highly recommend that you place the call in an exception-handling finally block . This way, the cleanup code is guaranteed to execute . So it would be better to write the previous code example as follows:
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How It Works: The Skeleton of the Order-Processing Functionality
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For a full discussion of 0 integration, see 29, 1 Integration.
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Or you can issue the DBCC CHECKIDENT statement with the RESEED option, as follows: DBCC CHECKIDENT('dbo.AsyncSeq', RESEED, 0);
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public sealed class Timer : MarshalByRefObject, IDisposable { public Boolean Dispose(); public Boolean Dispose(WaitHandle notifyObject); }
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and the user name was created in Active Directory on the headquarters intranet. This point is important to remember, especially if you are going to do two-way initiated connections with separate Active Directory instances on each side of the link. Configure the remote router while it is still connected to the central intranet, synchronize the two Active Directory user entries on either one s Active Directory domain controller, and then ship the VPN server to the remote site.
14 Data Binding with Silverlight
and workflow assemblies. As you can see in Figure 5-4, the System Customizer does not allow the create or write privileges for the Sdk Message and Processing Steps. You can create a modified security role to allow for this or ensure that your user importing solutions with assemblies has the System Administrator role.
The scatter chart looking like a line chart that is shown in the Grades worksheet has already been presented in 3 . With this slightly updated variant, I would like to come back to one of the core topics of this book: the use of controls . Simultaneously, I want to present some unique features that will play a role in examples provided in the subsequent chapters . These involve the use of hidden structures .
Puzzle 18: Hiking a Mountain
The second method, called view discovery, allows a module to register a view type for a region name. Whenever a region with the specified name is displayed, an instance of the specified view will be created automatically and displayed in the region. This approach is useful for relatively static content, where the view to be displayed in a region does not change.
However, based on the casting discussion presented in 4, you wouldn t expect this code to compile. After all, System.Int32 and System.Int64 are different types. Well, you ll be happy to know that the C# compiler does compile this code correctly and it runs as expected. Why The reason is that the C# compiler has intimate knowledge of primitive types and applies its own special rules when compiling the code. In other words, your compiler of choice recognizes common programming patterns and produces the necessary IL to make the written code work as expected. Specifically, compilers typically support patterns related to casting, literals, and operators, as shown in the following examples. First, the compiler is able to perform implicit or explicit casts between primitive types like these:
internal sealed class Node<T> { public T m_data; public Node<T> m_next; public Node(T data) : this(data, null) { } public Node(T data, Node<T> next) { m_data = data; m_next = next;
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