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You get the plan in Figure 3-2, showing a table scan (unordered clustered index scan), which is optimal for this input . The I/O cost in this case is 21 logical reads .
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The Microsoft Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) is a set of .NET Framework classes that allow you to build claims-aware applications. Among other things, it provides the logic you need to process WSFederation requests. The WS-Federation protocol builds on other standard protocols such as WS-Trust and WS-Security. One of its features is to allow you to request a security token in browser-based applications. WIF makes claims seem much like forms authentication. If users need to sign in, WIF redirects them to the issuer s logon page. Here, the user is authenticated and is then redirected back to the application. Figure 1 shows the rst set of steps that allow someone to use single sign-on with a browser application.
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EXEC sp_trace_setstatus 2, 0; EXEC sp_trace_setstatus 2, 2;
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Note that in the execution plan you won t explicitly see the partial scan part of the access method; rather, it s hidden in the Index Seek operator. You can deduce it from the Seek Predicates shown in the information box for the operator and from the fact that it shows True in the Ordered property. Here are the performance measures I got for the query:
Table 9-20. Identity Values Generated for Employees in Each Level
FIGURE 25-4 The main Server Manager console, with Roles selected in the left (tree view) pane
If you decide that you want to unlink the Excel list from the SharePoint list, you can break the link between the two. On the List toolbar in Excel, click the List button and choose Unlink List. You re warned that this change cannot be undone. Click OK to verify that you want to continue. When the link is broken, the two lists function independently of each other, and changes in one list don t appear in the other one.
Lesson Review
When you drop a field that contains numbers in the Data Area, Excel uses the Sum function to summarize the data in the field. If you drop a field that contains any non-numeric data, Excel uses the Count function to summarize the data. The field names used to describe the fields start with the summarization method (Sum of, Count of), followed by the field name. To change the summarization method or the field name, right-click the field name and choose Field Settings from the context menu to open the PivotTable Field dialog box, shown in Figure 3-16.
From the results shown in Figure 3-2, you can see that the OutputPath property was indeed created and initialized successfully. Now that we have discussed dynamic properties we can take a look at how dynamic items are created. The problem with static items is that the value for static items is always evaluated before any target executes. Thus, if you need an item to contain any generated les you must create the item dynamically. To create dynamic items you can use the ItemGroup element inside of a target. Inside a target, the ItemGroup element even has some new features. You are able to remove values from an item and you can modify the metadata value for an item. Doing so was not possible using MSBuild 2.0. Consider the following sample, which is contained in the Metadata_01-35.proj le.
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Running the Migration Preparation Tool
This section contains solutions to the logic puzzles.
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