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To complete this exercise, you must have the Windows Server 2003 installation CDROM loaded in Computer1. 1. Log on to Computer1 as Administrator. 2. Open Control Panel, and then click Add Or Remove Programs. The Add Or Remove Programs window opens. 3. Click Add/Remove Windows Components. The Windows Components page of the Windows Components Wizard opens. 4. In the Components area, highlight the Networking Services component. Be sure not to select the Networking Services check box. 5. Click Details. The Networking Services window opens. 6. In the Subcomponents Of Networking Services area, select the Domain Name Sys tem (DNS) check box.
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Referential Behavior
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for each state that the user might select. The state would be provided as a parameter; therefore, configuring the VaryByParam attribute with the name of the control containing the state input provides optimal caching.
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Part V
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One more gotcha goes along with using AutoComplete to save passwords from web forms: each saved pair is tied to a specific web address. If the site designer changes the URL of the page containing the logon form, your saved credentials from the old page will not work. If you can access a page in two different ways with and without using the www prefi x, for instance, and /logon each address will be saved as a different entry in the database. Not all web-based logons are stored in this location, by the way. If you connect to a site that uses HTTP Authentication, where you enter credentials in a separate logon dialog box rather than in a web form, your secret details are saved as a hidden, encrypted file in %AppData%\Microsoft\Credentials.
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Caution Although a query may produce the correct result, this doesn t imply that you wrote the right query. Incorrect SQL statements sometimes produce the correct results by accident. These are the most treacherous queries, because they can start producing wrong results at any point in the future, based on the actual contents of the tables involved.
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Common Security Scenarios
C.customerid O.orderid O.customerid FRNDO FRNDO KRLOS KRLOS KRLOS FISSA Madrid 1 Madrid 2 Madrid 3 Madrid 4 Madrid 5 Madrid NULL FRNDO FRNDO KRLOS KRLOS KRLOS NULL
Note No code in this section will work under any operating system other than Microsoft Windows, and is
Lesson 1: Getting Started with LINQ
Performance Ratio 10:1 1:1
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Common Security Scenarios
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// Route name // URL with parameters // Parameter defaults
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