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Using Triggers and Event Triggers
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In our example, because DISTINCT is not speci ed, the ORDER BY clause has access to both VT4, shown in Table 1-7, and VT5, shown in Table 1-8. In the ORDER BY clause, you can also specify ordinal positions of result columns from the SELECT list. For example, the following query sorts the orders rst by customerid and then by orderid:
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Address Space Perspective
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Shared assemblies don't have to be installed in the GAC; as an alternative, assembly probing specifies a set of application subdirectories to search when attempting to locate an assembly. The probing information is included in the application configuration file.
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Note that wildcards can be used to specify more than one file in a command and that you can specify more than one user in a command. For instance, if you ve created a subfolder called Archives in the Documents folder and you want Carl to have Full Control permissions and Craig to have Read permissions in that folder, open a Command Prompt window, navigate to the Documents folder, and type the following command:
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Aware of the ubiquity of HTTP, which allows you to legitimately penetrate any system through the always open port 80, at a certain point users began asking more and more for distributed applications capable of interconnecting and interoperating with any sort of remote system. For a time, the most natural response to such a demand seemed to be taking the official Windows Component Object Model (COM) and attaching a logical wire to both ends. DCOM became the network extension of COM, thus building a new infrastructure on the same successful component technology. Seamless integration, a short learning curve, and a concrete possibility of retaining existing investments in COM-based applications and tools were understandably the most intriguing benefits of DCOM. DCOM works as a wrapper for COM components. DCOM takes care of all that boring stuff about low-level network protocols and leaves you free to concentrate your efforts on the bread and butter of your business: planning and realizing great and effective solutions for customers. DCOM is a binary protocol that has in its favor a theoretically excellent measure of performance, especially when compared to text-based interactions such as those taking place over HTTP and the Internet. DCOM applications are fundamentally locationindependent, as the protocol infrastructure covers the physical distance between users in the way it finds best. For example, DCOM automatically creates a pair of proxy/stub modules for any interprocess and intermachine communication and resolves the call within the boundary of the current process, whenever this is possible and plausible. So where are the jarring notes with DCOM DCOM Shortcomings In many Internet scenarios, the level of connectivity allowed between a client and a server is subject to a variety of restrictions. For example, on its way to the remote server component, a client component might run across a proxy server that filters and controls outbound network traffic. As a result, the proxy might prevent the client from properly interacting with the object of its software desire. Furthermore, a firewall might filter any incoming Internet requests to protect the server components from any unauthorized contact. A firewall normally defines the combination of network ports, packets, and protocols that is acceptable for the safety and the health of the network environment running behind it. The ultimate effect of such restrictions is that a DCOM client and a server can set up and carry out a conversation only through a quite narrow set of protocol and port combinations. When opening a port and sending out the packets that constitute a method request, DCOM dynamically selects a network port in the range 1024 through 65,535. Unfortunately, system administrators normally prohibit inbound Internet traffic from passing through these ports and penetrating into intranet microcosms. Using DCOM over the Internet is not particularly reliable or, at least, not as reliable as it is in intranet scenarios. The fact that DCOM can use such a wide range of ports 424
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Instead of modifying a template, you can download a Joomla module called the Google Analytics Tracking Module. It is available at the Estime (www.estime.fi/en/ reading-room) web site. It will place the Google script code at the proper location without requiring you to modify the template. When the code is placed on your site, you can log back into the service and click the Check Status button. The system will access your site and attempt to confirm that the scripting code is in place. Don t worry if you attempt to check the status and it fails in the first few minutes. There seems to be a caching mechanism so that code placed on the page is not immediately seen by the checking routine. Wait a half hour and try checking again. Once the Google Analytics service is active on your web site, you need only wait a few days for a baseline of data to be established. The longer you run your web site, the more accurate the reporting will be, and you will be able to look at trends over time and modify the site content to cater to your intended audience.
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Note Any type that defines a Finalize method should also implement the dispose pattern as
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The tools you need for DHCP and DNS are the DHCP console (dhcpmgmt.msc) and
Basic workflow process properties Workflow process execution options Scope Trigger events
Ant s architecture is similar to the make utility in that it s based on the concept of a target. In Ant a target is a modular unit of execution that uses tasks to accomplish its work. An Ant target has dependencies and can be conditionally executed. A build is usually composed of some main targets that will accomplish some coarse-grained process related to an application s build, such as compiling the code or packaging a component. These main targets might make use of other subtargets (usually via dependencies) to accomplish their job. Underneath the covers, tasks are plain Java classes that extend the org.apache.tools. ant.Task class, although any class that exposes a method with the signature void execute() can become an Ant task. One of Ant s great advantages is its extensibility. Ant tasks are pluggable plain Java classes. To write a task all you need to do is extend the Task class and add some code to the execute method. Ant comes loaded with myriad tasks to accomplish many of the things needed during a typical build. These tasks are referred to as the core tasks and the optional tasks. There are also a countless number of third-party tasks, whether they re commercial, freeware, or open source. The scope of Ant s contribution to Java development isn t obvious at first, especially on small projects. But once complexity begins to creep in and you have multiple developers, you ll find that Ant becomes the glue that can help your team work in synchronization. It can basically remove the need for a full-time build engineer. This is largely the case with most open source Java projects, and their success should be a testament to the effectiveness of the integration power of using Ant. Ant isn t without its critics, however. Many have failed to understand that Ant was never meant to be a full-fledged scripting language but a Java-friendly way to automate the build process in a simple declarative, goal-oriented fashion. Since its inception, many scriptinglike features have been added to Ant in the form of custom tasks, and the arguments between camps that want a full scripting language and ones that want a simple, dependency-driven build system continue to this day. In my opinion there is no right answer; scripting is programming, and you know the issues that arise with that. On the other hand, Ant s simple declarative ways make it hard to do write-once and reuse builds across different projects. Ant s reusability is at the task level. In his essay Ant in Anger (http://ant.apache.org/ant_in_anger.html), Steve Loughran recommends that to achieve the level of complexity that most developers turn to scripting to achieve, Ant builds can be dynamically generated on a per-project basis using something like eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT). Fortunately, Ant version 1.6 provides new features that make Ant build reuse a reality. We will cover some of the relevant features that enable reuse later in this chapter.
block . The answer to this depends on state management . If, inside a try block, you execute multiple operations that could all throw the same exception type and the way that you d recover this exception type is different depending on the operation, then you should put each operation in its own try block so that you can recover your state correctly .
32. Self-Documenting Code
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The following list describes a few of the scenarios in which RADIUS proxies are designed to be implemented:
Maintaining a Network Infrastructure
Figure 7-8. Execution plan for the query in Listing 7-9
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