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To better understand the benefits of custom entities, let s map out a real-world example of creating custom entities and relationships for a fictional property management firm called Litware, Inc. Litware manages 15 apartment buildings in Chicago, Illinois. The apartment complexes range in size from 25 to 75 apartments per building, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments. As part of the rental process, each prospective tenant must complete a rental application and agree to a credit check. After receiving credit approval, all of the tenants sharing an apartment (roommates) sign a lease. Litware uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage its current tenants and track potential tenants.
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<Target Name="AddMetadata"> <Message Text="Source: @(Source->'%(Identity):%(Level)')" /> <ItemGroup> <Source Condition="%(Type)=='CS'"> <Level>L1</Level> </Source>
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Figure 7-4. The Silverlight Navigation Application References 9. When the assembly is added you will see it appear under References in the Solution Explorer, as shown in Figure 7-5.
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6. Advanced Language Features using System ; // Needed for Attributes [AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Class | AttributeTargets.Assembly, AllowMultiple=true, Inherited = false)] public class CreatorAttribute: System.Attribute { private String name; private String email; // creator's name // creator's email
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This means that these three values are the only values allowed for the CATEGORY column; this is an example of an attribute constraint. This would also have been an opportunity to design an additional entity (and thus another relational table) to implement course types. In that case, the CATEGORY column would have become a foreign key to this additional table. But again, simplicity was the main goal for this set of case tables. In all database systems, you need procedures to describe how to handle historical data in an information system. This is a very important and, in practice, far from trivial component of system design. In our case tables, it is particularly interesting to consider course offerings and course registrations in this respect. If a scheduled course offering is canceled at some point in time (for example, due to lack of registrations), the course offering is not removed from the OFFERINGS table, for statistical/historical reasons. Therefore, it is possible that the TRAINER and/or LOCATION columns are left empty; these two attributes are (of course) relevant only as soon as a scheduled course is going to happen. By the way, this brings up the valid question whether scheduled course offerings and real course offerings might be two different entities. Again, an opportunity to end up with more tables; and again, simplicity was the main goal here. Course registrations are considered synonymous with course attendance in our example database. This becomes obvious from the EVALUATION column in the REGISTRATIONS table, where the attendee s appreciation of the course is stored at the end of the course, expressed on a scale from 1 to 5; the meaning of these numbers ranges from bad (1) to excellent (5). In case a registration is canceled before a course takes place, we remove the corresponding row from the REGISTRATIONS table. In other words, if the BEGINDATE value of a course registration falls in the past, this means (by definition) that the corresponding course offering took place and was attended. The HISTORY table maintains information about the working history of all employees. More specifically, it holds data about the departments they have been working for and the salaries they made over the years, starting from the day they were hired. Every change of department and/or monthly salary is recorded in this table. The current values for DEPTNO and MSAL can be stored in this table, too, by keeping the ENDDATE attribute empty until the next change. The COMMENTS column offers room for free text comments, for example, to justify or clarify certain changes.
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Figure 18-6 Importing the entire tape inoles the least hassle; importing parts of a tape takes more work up front but makes for more manageable ideo collections.
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Note There are two issues to note about my Exception<TExceptionArgs> class . The first issue is that any exception type you define with it is always derived from System.Exception . In most scenarios, this is not a problem at all and, in fact, having a shallow and wide exception type hierarchy is preferred . The second issue is that Visual Studio s unhandled exception dialog box doesn t display Exception<T> type s generic type parameter, as you can see here:
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782 ChAPTER 12
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Do nothing to the Act I and Detail slides. Be sure to change only the background colors for now and otherwise leave the slides blank except for the headlines. If you were to include logos, other slide backgrounds, and other graphics on your storyboard at this point, they would constrain your design decisions and interfere with the way you will use backgrounds in this chapter to purposefully cue the working memory of your audience.
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extra clicks in the application navigation.
Figure 4-7. The result of the managed code event handler
Page 116 Synchronizing Slides Now or Later The Synchronize Presentation page lets you determine when you want to synchronize your slides. You can choose to synchronize your slides immediately after completing the New Presentation Wizard, or you can choose to synchronize your slides at a later time. If you have captured live or taped audio and video to synchronize with your slides, and imported your slides and digital media files in the correct order, you will probably want to synchronize your slides immediately after completing the wizard. In this case, click Yes on the Synchronize Presentation page before proceeding. There are times when you would not want to synchronize your slides with the audio and video content immediately after completing the New Presentation Wizard. For example, you might have used the Microsoft Producer PowerPoint add-in program (which comes with Microsoft Producer) to track slide timings when the original, live presentation was recorded. Since the slides were already synchronized, you would not need to synchronize them again. The Microsoft Producer PowerPoint add-in program is described in chapter 10 of this book. As you work with the New Presentation Wizard, you may notice that this page does not appear in the following situations: No slides or still images are selected. No audio or video is selected. No audio, video, slides, or still images are selected. If any of these situations are true, you will go directly to the last page of the New Presentation Wizard, which lets you complete the wizard. Step-by-Step: Choosing When to Perform Synchronization To specify whether to synchronize slides immediately or not: 1. If you want to synchronize your presentation immediately after the files are imported and the wizard has completed, click Yes . 2. If you do not want to synchronize your presentation immediately after the files are imported, click No. 3. Click Next to proceed to the Complete Presentation page. Completing the Wizard The Complete Presentation page lets you finish the wizard and import the content you have selected to the presentation timeline. When you click Finish, any content you have selected and any information you have entered is then applied to the current project. The
To change a value that is defined as a point over time, you use the PointAnimation type. The animation is then calculated as a linear interpolation between the values over the specified time. In a manner similar to the Color and Double animations, you specify the start value using From and the destination either as a relative direction (using By) or an absolute point (using To). Following is an example of how you could animate the end point of a Bezier curve:
By default Explorer.exe is designed not to be elevated. Consequently, if you right-click the binary and select Run As Administrator it will launch a new window, but in the same context as the original. On the companion CD, you will find a set of elevation tools, including a tool that puts an Elevate Explorer Here item on the right-click menu of any folder. Using that tool, you can launch an elevated Windows Explorer instance anywhere you wish.
Viewing Indiidual Logs and Eents
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