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The dividing line between the capabilities of components and modules is not black and white. The component type of extension is the more powerful of the two. While a module can do many things a component can do, and a component can do almost anything a module might, here are a few generalizations that might help you understand the difference:
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You can use Photo Gallery to view pictures saved in any of the formats listed in Table 17-1.
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FigURE 14-3 The structure of an ASP.NET MVC application.
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Figure 2-16. Default IntelliSense pop-up window
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Practice 3 Disable cookies in your web browser. Visit several of your favorite websites to determine whether the website behavior has changed.
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The preceding code draws a number of quadratic Bezier curves. The first is from the starting point, (100,100), to (150,150), with a control point at (50,50), which yields a straight line ending at (150,150). The second is then a curve starting at (150,150) and ending at (100,200), with a control point at (250,250). This is shown as the curve sweeping toward the left. The third curve then starts at (100,200) and ends at (300,300), through a control point at (200,100), and this is rendered as the long smooth curve going from left to right in Figure 4-23.
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Source IP address of the VPN server s perimeter network interface and TCP
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SDDL Flag Flag Value Description 0x0008 The DACL was set by some defaulting mechanism as opposed to explicitly. This is common for system objects, but not for things like file system objects, registry keys, and so on. This SD has a pointer to a SACL. The SACL was set by some defaulting mechanism. The DACL must be inherited by child objects. If this flag is set on a directory, for example, the DACL is inherited by subdirectories and files. This flag specifies an old inheritance mechanism used primarily in Windows NT 4.0 and earlier. The flag is ignored by most utilities today. Newer versions of Windows suppport inheritance of individual entries in the ACL. The SACL must be inherited by child objects. As with the equivalent DACL flag, this mechanism is no longer used. The DACL was inherited from a parent object, such as a directory. The SACL was inherited from a parent object. The DACL is protected from inheritance. This means that a parent s DACL will not override the child s DACL. The SACL is protected.
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namespace MVCORama.Controllers { public class DotNetReferencesController : Controller { DotNetReferencesManager dotNetReferencesManager = new DotNetReferencesManager(); public ActionResult Index() { var dotNetReferences = dotNetReferencesManager.GetAllReferences().ToList(); return View("Index", dotNetReferences); } }
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DROP INDEX dbo.T1.idx_col1;
Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) A newer and faster version of
parameter for maximum length, so that even if the strings go on forever, your function calls won t.
Make is a utility that s associated with UNIX and the C/C++ languages. The purpose of make is to minimize the time needed to create current versions of all your object files. For each object file in your project, you specify the files that the object file depends on and how to make it. Suppose you have an object file named userface.obj. In the make file, you indicate that to make userface.obj, you have to compile the file userface.cpp. You also indicate that userface.cpp depends on userface.h, stdlib.h, and project.h. The concept of depends on simply means that if userface.h, stdlib.h, or project.h changes, userface.cpp needs to be recompiled. When you build your program, make checks all the dependencies you ve described and determines the files that need to be recompiled. If 5 of your 25 source files depend on data definitions in userface.h and it changes, make automatically recompiles the 5 files that depend on it. It doesn t recompile the 20
To have your project reference an assembly, select the desired assembly from the list . If the assembly you want isn t in the list, click the Browse tab to navigate to the desired assembly (file containing a manifest) to add the assembly reference . The COM tab on the Add Reference dialog box allows an unmanaged COM server to be accessed from within managed source code via a managed proxy class automatically generated by Visual Studio . The Projects tab allows the current project to reference an assembly that is created by another project in the same solution . The Recent tab allows you to select an assembly that you recently added to another project . To make your own assemblies appear in the .NET tab s list, add the following subkey to the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework\AssemblyFolders\MyLibName MyLibName is a unique name that you create Visual Studio doesn t display this name . After creating the subkey, change its default string value so that it refers to a directory path (such as C:\Program Files\MyLibPath) containing your assembly s files . Using HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE adds the assemblies for all users on a machine; use HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead to add the assemblies for a specific user .
Straight Time 32.1 18.3 23.2
Documentation, Error handling, Debugging, and testing . . . 177
WebClient x_client = new WebClient(); x_client.DownloadFile("http://www.microsoft.com", "homepage.html");
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