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Generate QR Code in .net C# Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying

Common Language Runtime Exceptions For working with managed exceptions, the focus of this chapter. Native Run Time Checks For working with a new feature offered by the unmanaged Microsoft Visual C++ compiler. Only useful when you re compiling the code with the /RTC compiler switch. Win32 Exceptions For working with Windows unmanaged 32 bit exception codes. For Common Language Runtime Exceptions, expanding the corresponding branch in the dialog box, as in Figure 18 5, shows the set of namespaces that the Visual Studio debugger is aware of.
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Favorites Center
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Adding Graphics to Your Storyboard
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Connection Pooling
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The System.GC class provides methods to directly control the execution of the garbage collector. The garbage collector is designed to determine the best time to perform a collection; however, in some situations forcing a collection can improve performance, typically when the memory requirement of an application significantly decreases at a defined point in the code.
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Layer Security (EAP-TLS), the answering router also authenticates itself to the calling router. Table 8-1 lists the site-to-site VPN-capable Microsoft operating systems.
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14 Spatial Data
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C# [Import] public QuestionnaireViewModel ViewModel { set { this.DataContext = value; } }
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Notice that when you place your mouse pointer over an arrow that goes out of an operator (for example, the one going out of the first Sort operator), you get an estimated number of rows. By the way, a nice aspect of the arrows representing data flow is that their thickness is proportional to the number of rows returned by the source operator. You want to keep an eye especially on thick arrows, as these might indicate a performance issue. Next, turn on the Include Actual Execution Plan option, and run the query. You will get both the output of the query and the actual plan, as shown in Figure 3-7 .
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The data points are connected using lines . The data point markers are invisible and are replaced with data labels . As you can see, the blue X is also a data point of the chart (the seventh data point) . This data point and its connection to the sixth data point are formatted slightly different .
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11 CLR User-Defined Types
As we note in this section, the popular JPEG format uses lossy compression, and each time you make a change and save a file some image data is irretrievably lost . You need to rotate images to view them correctly on the screen, of course, and the impact on image quality is relatively low if you only do it once . Avoid rotating an image repeatedly, which can lead to a noticeable degradation in image quality .
A bitmap image occupies a very large amount of memory and therefore puts a strain on your RAM and if the file is saved on your hard drive, even if both only play a subordinate role in today s systems . A bitmap is static . If the source contains an error or if it changes, the copy process must be repeated after the source file is revised .
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