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In Server Manager, expand the Roles node, right-click File Services, and then select Add Role Services (Figure 12-1). Select Distributed File System, as shown in Figure 12-2, and then click Next. On the Create A DFS Namespace page, select Create A Namespace Now and provide a name. Alternatively, you can choose to create the namespace later. Click Next. On the Select Namespace Type page, select Domain-based Namespace and click Next.
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The relationship field applies to one-to-many and many-to-one entity relationships. When you configure the relationship field, you specify the following parameters: Display name, Name (schema name), Requirement level, and Description. You might notice that these are the same parameters you specify when you add a custom field to an entity. Because these parameters behave the same way for the relationship field as they do for custom fields, we don t recap how to use them, but you can refer to 4, Data Management and System Jobs, for additional information. Tip Sometimes you might be confused about which name to enter in the Display Name field.
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It s possible for applications to let customers con gure the claims mapping rules that will be used by the application s FP. You would do this to make it as easy as possible for an application s customers to use their existing issuers without asking them to produce new claim types. If a customer already has roles or groups, perhaps from Microsoft Active Directory , that are ready to use, it is convenient to reuse them. However, these roles would need to be mapped to roles that are understood by the application. If the FP is an ADFS 2.0 server, you can use PowerShell scripts to set up the role mapping rules. The claims mapping rules would be different for each customer.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Dim empXml As XElement = XElement.Load("c:\code\employees.xml") Sample of C# Code XElement empXml = XElement.Load(@"c:\code\employees.xml");
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In the description of the EMPLOYEES table, the COMM column deserves some special attention. This commission attribute is relevant only for sales representatives, and therefore contains structurally missing information (for all other employees). We could have created a separate SALESREPS table (with two columns: EMPNO and COMM) to avoid this problem, but for the purpose of this book, the table structure is kept simple. The structure of the DEPARTMENTS table is straightforward. Note the two foreign key constraints between this table and the EMPLOYEES table: an employee can work for a department or be the manager of a department. Note also that we don t insist that the manager of a department actually works for that department, and it is not forbidden for any employee to manage more than one department. The salary grades in the SALGRADES table do not overlap, although in salary systems in the real world, most grades are overlapping. In this table, simplicity rules. This way, every salary always falls into exactly one grade. Moreover, the actual monetary unit (currency) for salaries, commission, and bonuses is left undefined. The optional tax-free bonus is paid monthly, just like the regular monthly salaries. In the COURSES table, three CATEGORY values are allowed: GEN (general), for introductory courses BLD (build), for building applications DSG (design), for system analysis and design
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a. Log on to the Terminal Server with an administrative account. b. Open Computer Management in the Administrative Tools folder. c.
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the file names still appear on your screen because standard error is still directed to the screen. Only the file contents are redirected to Std.out. Windows Vista allows you to qualify the redirection symbol by preceding it with a number. Use 1> (or simply >) for standard output and 2> for standard error. For example:
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objectives according to didactic thought patterns; for example, to regard a data presentation as a lesson or lesson plan in terms of its preparation, implementation, and performance measurement . In this context, I ll make the theoretical distinction between three types of objectives and assign a practical formulation to each . The more tangible something is, the easier it is to formulate a practical objective, and the easier it is to fulfill this objective . Note The data presented here played a very important role in the meeting with the bank, but
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@on_cols Column or expression to be pivoted; the distinct values from this column will become the target column names @agg_func Aggregate function (MIN, MAX, SUM, COUNT, and so on) @agg_col Column/expression given to the aggregate function as input
This section brie y describes and demonstrates the concept of indexed views for the sake of completeness. I won t conduct a lengthy discussion on the subject here. I ll provide a bit more details in Inside T-SQL Programming. SQL Server allows you to create indexes on views not just on tables. Normally, a view is a virtual object, and a query against it ultimately queries the underlying tables. However, when you create a clustered index on a view, you materialize all of the view s contents within the clustered index on disk. After creating a clustered index, you can also create multiple nonclustered indexes on the view as well. The data in the indexes on the view will be kept in sync with the changes in the underlying tables as with any other index.
uncommon platform, I assume you have basic knowledge of how to install applications on your system, so I simply provide the links to the following different installation programs: MS-DOS: See http://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/binaries/djgpp/. FreeBSD: Various versions of Ruby are available as standard ports, for example in /usr/ports/lang/ruby. BeOS: Ruby is installable in the same manner as with Linux, as described earlier. Linspire or Lindows: As a Linux distribution, you can use the same instructions as for Linux, earlier. Symbian Series 60: See http://ruby-symbian.rubyforge.org/. Java Virtual Machines (JVMs): See http://jruby.codehaus.org/. Other UNIX versions: Refer to Installing Ruby from Source Code in the preceding Linux section for instructions that are reasonably distribution generic.
INSERT INTO dbo.Orders(orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate) SELECT n AS orderid, 'C' + RIGHT('000000000' + CAST( 1 + ABS(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) % @numcusts AS VARCHAR(10)), 10) AS custid, 1 + ABS(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) % @numemps AS empid, CHAR(ASCII('A') - 2 + 2 * (1 + ABS(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) % @numshippers)) AS shipperid, DATEADD(day, n / (@numorders / (@numyears * 365.25)), @startdate) -- late arrival with earlier date - CASE WHEN n % 10 = 0 THEN THEN 1 + ABS(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) % 30 ELSE 0 END AS orderdate FROM dbo.Nums WHERE n <= @numorders ORDER BY CHECKSUM(NEWID()); CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX idx_cl_od ON dbo.Orders(orderdate); CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX idx_nc_sid_od_cid ON dbo.Orders(shipperid, orderdate, custid); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_unc_od_oid_i_cid_eid ON dbo.Orders(orderdate, orderid) INCLUDE(custid, empid); ALTER TABLE dbo.Orders ADD CONSTRAINT PK_Orders PRIMARY KEY NONCLUSTERED(orderid), CONSTRAINT FK_Orders_Customers FOREIGN KEY(custid) REFERENCES dbo.Customers(custid),
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Part III Essential Types
String s = String.Format("On {0:D}, {1} is {2:E} years old.", new DateTime(2010, 4, 22, 14, 35, 5), "Aidan", 7); Console.WriteLine(s);
6 other tips on simplifying code, see 24, 7 "Refactoring."
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You can select any edition of Windows Vista in this list, finish Setup, and use the installed copy of Windows Vista without restriction for 30 days. Before the end of that 30-day grace period, you must enter a valid product key and activate your copy, as described in the next section. If you fail to complete these steps, your copy of Windows shifts into reduced functionality mode, as described later in this section.
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