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E xErcIsE 1 Starting and Configuring Telnet
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The first overload takes a source name and the name of the log to register the source against. If null or an empty string is provided, the log argument defaults to Application. The second overload takes a computer name; this permits events to be written to the event log of a remote machine. Specifying a dot () as the computer name uses the local event log and is equivalent to using the first overload. The following statements demonstrate the use of the CreateEventSource method:
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FIguRE 6-2 ILDasm .exe showing the class as abstract sealed in metadata
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FIGURE 18-7 The POP3 Mailbox Accounts page of the Windows SBS POP3 Connector dialog box
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10 Working with Date and Time
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Part III Processes
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dynamic HTML), clients whose browsers don t understand the feature might see some very weird behavior in the browser . Tuning the behavior of the output cache is also important . Effective caching is always a matter of balance . Although you can potentially speed up your site by employing output caching, the cost is memory consumption . Using instrumentation tools can help you balance performance against cost . Finally, user controls often represent a prime output caching opportunity especially if they don t change frequently . Wrapping the portion of a page that doesn t change in an outputcached user control usually enhances the perceived performance of your application at a minimal cost because only the user control content is cached .
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using System; public sealed class Program { public static void Main() { Array a; // Create a 1-dim, 0-based array, with no elements in it a = new String[0]; Console.WriteLine(a.GetType()); // "System.String[]" // Create a 1-dim, 0-based array, with no elements in it a = Array.CreateInstance(typeof(String), new Int32[] { 0 }, new Int32[] { 0 }); Console.WriteLine(a.GetType()); // "System.String[]" // Create a 1-dim, 1-based array, with no elements in it a = Array.CreateInstance(typeof(String),
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namespace 09_Template { /// <summary> /// Summary description for WebForm1. /// </summary> public class WebForm1 : System.Web.UI.Page { protected System.Web.UI.WebControls.Repeater Repeater1; protected System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label Label1; protected System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand cmd;
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give them permission to see multiple mobile forms, only the form listed first in the form order will display.
Adding Graphics to the Call to Action and Key Point Slides
ASP.NET Security
Indexers are similar to properties in that they provide a means to manipulate object state but are not stateful mechanisms themselves. As with properties, the containing class or struct must implement some other program element as the target of the manipulation. The indexer imposes no requirements as to how this is done. Index declarations have the following syntax: [attributes] [modifiers] type this [ parameters ] { accessor-declarations } Use of an indexer is never performed explicitly through a member name, so indexers do not have identifiers. As a consequence of an unfortunate syntax choice, indexers are declared using the keyword this. The indexer type can be any value or reference type and specifies both the data type that can be assigned to an indexer element and the type of the indexer element returned when assigned to something else. At least one parameter must be specified in the indexer declaration. Multiple parameters result in a multidimensional index, as in the case of a multidimensional array. For example:
Those of you used to executing commands in Excel mainly with the Alt key will miss the underlining of correspondingly useful characters in Excel 2007 . The following is an alternative method:
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