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pre-connect and post-connect actions (executed before or after the dial-up or VPN connection is completed) A customized CM client dialer package, also known as a profile, is a self-extracting executable file that is created by a network administrator with the CMAK. The CM profile is distributed to VPN users via CD-ROM, e-mail, Web site, or file share. When the user runs the CM profile, it automatically configures the appropriate dial-up and VPN connections. The CM profile does not require a specific version of Windows. It will configure connections for computers running Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Me, and Windows 98.
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Figure 10-20
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Custom entity with fields such as name and address.
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So, is this example two, four, or eight lines long The answer depends on whom you ask. Some LOC measurements count only statements (in C, for example, this includes only lines ending in a semicolon). Other measurements count all lines except blank lines and comments. Others still count the number of assembly instructions generated (each of the preceding examples generates the exact same
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23. Debugging
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WITH C1 AS ( SELECT seqval, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY seqval ORDER BY (SELECT 0)) AS dupnum FROM dbo.NumSeqDups ), C2 AS ( SELECT seqval, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY seqval) AS rownum FROM C1 WHERE dupnum = 1 )
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Using System; using System.Collections; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data;
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Type net localgroup with no parameters to display the name of your computer and a list of local groups. If you follow Net Localgroup with the name of a group (for example, net localgroup event log readers ), Net Localgroup lists the members of the group. Adding or Deleting a Group Following Net Localgroup groupname, append /Add to create a new group or append /Delete to remove an existing group. When you add a group or view its information, you can optionally add a descriptive comment (maximum length of 48 characters) by appending the /Comment: text switch. Adding or Deleting Group Members You can add local user accounts, domain user accounts, and global groups to a local group (although you can t add other local groups). To do so, enter the names of the users or groups you want to add after the group name (separate multiple names with
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Notice the Columns collection in the markup. Each column is defined along with the DataField and the text to be displayed as the column header (HeaderText). When this webpage is executed and displayed, each row is shown to the user along with action buttons for editing, deleting, and selecting the row. A user can click the Edit link on one of the rows to place the row into edit mode. Figure 12-13 shows an example.
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The problem with a sealed class is that it can be a big inconvenience to users of the type . Occasionally, developers want to create a class derived from an existing type in order to attach some additional fields or state information for their application s own use . In fact, they may even want to define some helper or convenience methods on the derived type to manipulate these additional fields . Since sealed classes restrict this ability, I made a proposal to the CLR team that they introduce a new class modifier called closed. A closed class can be used as a base class, but its behavior is closed and not subject to interference by a derived class . Basically, a closed base class would prohibit a derived class from accessing any of the base class s non-public members . This would allow the base class to change with the knowledge that it will not impact a derived class . Ideally, compilers would change the default access modifier for types to closed because this would be the safest choice without being too restrictive . It is too early to know if this idea will make its way into the CLR and programming languages . However, I am very hopeful it will someday . By the way, you could almost accomplish today what closed is designed to do; it s just that it is very inconvenient . Basically, when you implement your class, make sure you seal all the virtual methods you inherit (including the methods defined by System.Object) . Also, don t define any methods that may become a versioning burden in the future such as protected or virtual methods . Here is an example:
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Joining a workgroup doesn t require a secret handshake or special security settings; you merely need to set the workgroup name on each computer. To set the workgroup name in Windows Vista: 1. In Network And Sharing Center, click the arrow to the right of Network Discovery to expand that section.
All but the simplest of methods contain some prologue code, which initializes a method before it can start doing its work . These methods also contain epilogue code, which cleans up a method after it has performed its work so that it can return to its caller . When the M1 method starts to execute, its prologue code allocates memory for the local name variable from the thread s stack (see Figure 4-3) .
Four computers that are capable of running members of the Windows Server
After you add an item to a queue, you can view details about when the record entered the queue and when it was last modified by clicking the Queue Item Details button located in the record s ribbon. You can use the data in these details to look for items that have been stuck in a queue for a long time, or maybe find items that have not been modified in a while. More Info For information about creating workflow processes, please refer to 14. Once
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