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To the common language runtime (CLR), dynamic is identical to object . However, the C# compiler allows dynamic variables to participate in dynamic dispatch using a simplified syntax . For more information, see The dynamic Primitive Type section at the end of this chapter .
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Collection Interfaces
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You will notice that the index I created on the qty column is scanned twiceonce to calculate the sum, and once to calculate the average. In other words, provided that you have an index on the aggregated column, the index will be scanned once for each subquery that returns an aggregate. If you don't have an index containing the aggregated column, matters are even worse, as you'll get a table scan for each subquery. This query can be optimized using a key technique that utilizes a cross join. You can calculate all needed aggregates in one query that will require only a single index or table scan. Such a query will produce a single result row with all aggregates. You create a derived table defined by this query and cross it with the base table. Now you have access to both attributes and aggregates. Here's the solution query, which produces the more optimal plan shown in Figure 5-2: SELECT stor_id, ord_num, title_id, CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), ord_date, 120) AS ord_date, qty, CAST(1.*qty / sumqty * 100 AS DECIMAL(5, 2)) AS per, qty - avgqty as diff FROM dbo.sales, (SELECT SUM(qty) AS sumqty, AVG(qty) AS avgqty FROM dbo.sales) AS AGG;
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SELECT O1.empid, CONVERT(VARCHAR(7), O1.ordmonth, 121) AS ordmonth, O1.qty AS qtythismonth, SUM(O2.qty) AS totalqty, CAST(AVG(1.*O2.qty) AS NUMERIC(12, 2)) AS avgqty FROM dbo.EmpOrders AS O1 JOIN dbo.EmpOrders AS O2 ON O2.empid = O1.empid AND O2.ordmonth <= O1.ordmonth GROUP BY O1.empid, O1.ordmonth, O1.qty HAVING SUM(O2.qty) - O1.qty < 1000 ORDER BY O1.empid, O1.ordmonth;
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Appendix A
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Bottom-Up Integration
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Table C-1 . Useful Predefined Consoles
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You can prevent this attack by locking down the applications to ensure that they enforce revocation checking. For example, Internet Explorer allows you to enable revocation checking through Group Policy.
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The User Profile Class Representation
cation events to which you subscribe. In this scenario, you need only respond to requests based on the file type, .docx.
If you prefer, you can choose Data Import External Data New Web Query to open the New Web Tip
What if we want a red circle instead of a black one We can use the fill argument: do oval :left => 10, :top => 10, :radius => 50, :fill => red end
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