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Core Facilities
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Part III:
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system would be invaluable . The proposed 6NF solution is theoretically sound, but it is hard to achieve in a real business scenario . As you could see, I had to make some compromises to the implementation . Nonetheless, the code developed in this chapter should be useful for various scenarios . CLR helped to create the interval data type . Existing operators and other possibilities, such as triggers and indexed views, were used to maintain constraints in places where generalized relational operators and constraints would be handy . Advanced querying techniques helped to express UNPACK and PACK operators . This chapter exploited a lot of the knowledge you ve learned thus far in this book .
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From connection 2, set the session s isolation level to read uncommitted, and read the data:
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Windows then replicates topology and replication settings to all domain controllers. A replication group member polls its nearest domain controller regularly. (By default, replication group members perform a lightweight poll every ve minutes for Subscription objects under the local computer container and a full poll every hour.) It receives the settings after Windows updates the domain controller. To change the replication polling interval, use the Dfsrdiag command.
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What s New in Windows Vista
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Building the Data Service
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.NET provides a useful feature to simplify the creation of XML without using DOM. The abstract System.Xml.XmlWriter class defines the functionality for a fast, noncached mechanism to generate streams or files containing well-formed XML; XmlTextWriter provides a concrete implementation of this functionality.
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The .NET XPath Navigation API
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Password of W@8c^4r-;2\. For the account properties of the Blue Yonder Airlines account, the User
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One of the more difficult aspects of writing queued, asynchronous applications is that because messages are received from the queue to be processed, there must be an application running to receive the messages . Most asynchronous applications use one of two techniques to accomplish this:
The thread has been started. It isn't blocked, and no call has been made to Abort. The thread has stopped. Stopped This is for internal use only. StopRequested The thread has been suspended via the Suspend method. Suspended SuspendRequested The thread is being requested to suspend. The thread has been created but not started via the Start method. Unstarted The thread is blocked because of a call to one of the following methods: WaitSleepJoin Wait, Sleep, or Join. These states are accessible through the read-only Thread.ThreadState property. Threads can be in more than one state, so it's important to check the state carefully. For example, if a thread is blocked because of a call to the Monitor.Wait class and another thread calls Abort, the blocked thread will be in both the WaitSleepJoin and AbortRequested states. (See the "Synchronization" section later in this chapter for an explanation of the Monitor.Wait class.) When the blocked thread returns from the Wait call or is interrupted, the state will be just AbortRequested and the ThreadAbortException will be thrown, leading to an Aborted state. Key points worth highlighting include the following:
Value names Value names must be enclosed in quotation marks, whether or not they include space characters. Follow the value name with an equal sign. Notice that the value names shown in Figure 26-3 do not appear in the same order as in Figure 26-4. The .reg file displays values in the order they appear in the registry. Registry Editor, however, sorts them alphabetically for your editing and browsing convenience. If you re creating a .reg file from scratch, the value order is insignificant. Data types REG_SZ values don t get a data type identifier or a colon. The data directly follows the equal sign. Other data types are identified as follows:
Lesson 3: Implementing jQuery
EXEC dbo.proc1;
Defining Properties in User Controls
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