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LISTING 5-1 Creating and populating the Locations and Readings tables
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j, or k to index it. But if you have an array with two or more dimensions, you should use meaningful index names to clarify what you re doing. Meaningful array-index names clarify both the purpose of the loop and the part of the array you intend to access. Here s code that doesn t put this principle to work, using the meaningless names i, j, and k instead:
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The binder will look for a member whose formal parameters exactly match the types of the supplied arguments . The binder will consider any member whose count of parameters matches the number of arguments passed . This flag is useful when there are members whose parameters have default values and for methods that take a variable number of arguments . Only Type s InvokeMember method honors this flag .
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debugging just for the selected page.
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Use arrays of characters instead of pointers in C If memory isn t a constraint and often it is not declare all your string variables as arrays of characters. This helps to avoid pointer problems, and the compiler will give you more warnings when you do something wrong. Use strncpy() instead of strcpy() to avoid endless strings String routines in C come in safe versions and dangerous versions. The more dangerous routines such as strcpy() and strcmp() keep going until they run into a NULL terminator. Their safer companions, strncpy() and strncmp(), take a
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The Routing And Remote Access service in Windows Server 2003 is a multiprotocol software router that can be readily integrated with Windows features such as security accounts and group policies. The service can be configured for LAN-to-LAN, LAN-toWAN, virtual private network (VPN), and Network Address Translation (NAT) routing through IP networks. In addition, the service can be configured for routing features such as IP multicasting, demand-dial routing, DHCP relay, and packet filtering. Finally, it offers built-in support for the dynamic routing protocols Routing Information Proto col (RIP) version 2 and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF).
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Boehm, Barry and Richard Turner. Balancing Agility and Discipline: A Guide for the Perplexed, Boston, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 2004. Boehm and Turner describe how project size affects the use of agile and plan-driven methods, along with other agile and plan-driven issues. Boehm, Barry W. 1981. Software Engineering Economics. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall. Boehm s book is an extensive treatment of the cost and productivity, and quality ramifications of project size and other variables in the software-development process. It includes discussions of the effect of size on construction and other activities. 11 is an excellent explanation of software s diseconomies of scale. Other information on project size is spread
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I constructed the code within the parentheses of the EXEC command, but note that only a string variable, a string literal, or a concatenation of string variables and/or string literals are allowed within the parentheses . You re not allowed to invoke functions or use a CASE expression . For example, the following code, which attempts to invoke the CAST function within the parentheses, fails:
To create a superscope, complete the following steps: 1. Open the DHCP console. 2. In the console tree, select the applicable DHCP server. 3. From the Action menu, select New Superscope. This menu command appears only if at least one scope that is not currently part of a superscope has been created at the server. 4. Follow the instructions in the New Superscope Wizard.
Manage DNS
Figure 10-8. Selecting the StackPanel in the Objects and Timeline panel
handled by the CustomFormHandler . If you decide to run this application under IIS (instead of the Visual Studio Web server), you can configure IIS to run your handler by editing config .sys directly, if you know the correct settings, or by doing the following: . . 1 . . Open IIS and navigate to the virtual directory for the site . 2 . . Open the Features View and locate the Handler Mappings icon, as shown in the following graphic .
ACL Size, Res., Rev. Res., ACE Count
FigURE 4-4 A multiline TextBox control in the Visual Studio designer.
you can determine whether a numeric value is legal for an enumerated type:
The key and IV can be generated using the GenerateKey and GenerateIV methods or set using the Key and IV properties. Reading and writing encrypted data are supported through the streams model using the System.Security.Cryptography.CryptoStream class. See 10, "Streams, Files, and I/O," for general information on streams. The CryptoStream constructor takes three arguments, as detailed in Table 17-6.
being used by processes currently running on the machine by using the all switch or passing the ID of the process you are interested in . Before we start looking at how the CLR loads, we need to spend a moment discussing 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows . If your assembly files contain only type-safe managed code, you are writing code that should work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows . No source code changes are required for your code to run on either version of Windows . In fact, the resulting EXE/DLL file produced by the compiler will run on 32-bit Windows as well as the x64 and IA64 versions of 64-bit Windows! In other words, the one file will run on any machine that has a version of the .NET Framework installed on it . On extremely rare occasions, developers want to write code that works only on a specific version of Windows . Developers might do this when using unsafe code or when interoperating with unmanaged code that is targeted to a specific CPU architecture . To aid these developers, the C# compiler offers a /platform command-line switch . This switch allows you to specify whether the resulting assembly can run on x86 machines running 32-bit Windows versions only, x64 machines running 64-bit Windows only, or Intel Itanium machines running 64-bit Windows only . If you don t specify a platform, the default is anycpu, which indicates that the resulting assembly can run on any version of Windows . Users of Visual Studio can set a project s target platform by displaying the project s property pages, clicking the Build tab, and then selecting an option in the Platform Target list (see Figure 1-3) .
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