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Notes offer additional information related to the task being discussed .
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One way to increase update performance is to send the changes to the database server in batches instead of sending changes on a row-by-row basis. You can do this by assigning a value to the DbDataAdapter object s UpdateBatchSize property. This property defaults to 1, which causes each change to be sent to the server on a row-by-row basis. Setting the value to 0 instructs the DbDataAdapter object to create the largest possible batch size for changes, or you can set the value to the number of changes you want to send to the server in each batch. Setting the UpdateBatchSize to a number greater than the number of changes that need to be sent is equivalent to setting it to 0. You can confirm that the changes are being sent to the database server in batches by adding a RowUpdated event to the DbDataAdapter object. The event handler method exposes the number of rows affected in the last batch. When the UpdateBatchSize is set to 1, the RecordsAffected property is always 1. In the following code, the Publishers table contains eight rows. The pubsDataSet is filled, and then the pub_name field is modified on all eight rows. Before the Update method is executed, the UpdateBatchSize is changed to 3. When the Update method is executed, the changes are sent to the database as a batch of three changes, another batch of three changes, and, finally, a batch of two changes. This code contains a RowUpdated event handler to collect batch information, which is displayed after the Update method is executed.
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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: fn_subordinates3, -Descendants with optional level limit, -and path enumeration --- Input : @root INT: Manager id -@maxlevels INT: Max number of levels to return --- Output : @Subs TABLE: id, level and materialized ancestors path -of subordinates of input manager -in all levels <= @maxlevels --- Process : * Insert into @Subs row of input manager -* In a loop, while previous insert loaded more than 0 rows -and previous level is smaller than @maxlevels: -- insert into @Subs next level of subordinates -- calculate a materialized ancestors path for each -by concatenating current node id to parent's path --------------------------------------------------------------------USE tempdb; GO IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.fn_subordinates3') IS NOT NULL DROP FUNCTION dbo.fn_subordinates3; GO CREATE FUNCTION dbo.fn_subordinates3 (@root AS INT, @maxlevels AS INT = NULL) RETURNS @Subs TABLE ( empid INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY NONCLUSTERED, lvl INT NOT NULL,
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IF @signal = 0x7EDBCEC5E165E749BF1261A655F52C48 RETURN; PRINT 'trg_T1_i in action...'; GO
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Creating the templateDetails.xml File
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C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\forum
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2. Save the HTML document with a .hta file name extension. The version of scan.hta that Producer creates adds two parameters to the application tag. You should specify these parameters as well, because they ll make your custom page look and behave more like a Windows-based application than a Web page. The first parameter specifies an icon to display in the title bar when the HTML displays; the second
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A couple of these properties IsCrossPagePostBack and PreviousPage deserve a few more words. In ASP.NET 2.0, pages are no longer forced to always post to themselves. Pages can automatically post the contents of their unique HTML form to other pages. How can the target page distinguish between a page and a cross-page postback By simply using the IsPostBack and IsCrossPagePostBack properties. In the case of a cross-page postback, the target knows about the posting page and can retrieve the values of the original controls because a reference to the posting page is returned by the PreviousPage property. In the upcoming section Programming the Page, you ll see an example of this feature.
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Click Reports in the Windows SBS Console. In the Tasks pane, click Add A New Report. On the General page, type in a name and description for the report, as shown in Figure 21-7.
A good way to write high-quality code in a short amount of time is not to write it all but to buy it instead. You can find high-quality libraries in at least these areas: Container classes Credit card transaction services (e-commerce services) Cross-platform development tools. You might write code that executes in Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and the X Window System just by recompiling for each environment. Data compression tools Data types and algorithms Database operations and data-file manipulation tools Diagramming, graphing, and charting tools Imaging tools License managers Mathematical operations Networking and internet communications tools Report generators and report query builders Security and encryption tools Spreadsheet and grid tools Text and spelling tools Voice, phone, and fax tools
domain local group A security or distribution group that can contain universal groups, global groups, other domain local groups from its own domain, and accounts from any domain in the forest. Domain local security groups can be granted rights and permissions on resources that reside only in the same domain where the domain local group is located. domain name The name given by an administrator to a collection of networked computers that share a common directory. Part of the DNS naming structure, domain names consist of a sequence of name labels separated by periods. Domain Name System (DNS) A hierarchical, distributed database that contains mappings of DNS domain names to various types of data, such as IP addresses. DNS enables the location of computers and services by user-friendly names, and it also enables the discovery of other information stored in the database. domain suffix For DNS, an optional parent domain name that can be appended to the end of a relative domain name used in a name query or host lookup. The domain suffix can be used to complete an alternate fully qualified DNS domain name to be searched when the first attempt to query a name fails.
The process for setting DHCP options is essentially the same regardless of the level you set the option at. As described in the Under the Hood sidebar titled DHCP Options Scope earlier in this chapter, each level of DHCP inherits options from the higher level, but can override them. As an example of setting DHCP options, we ll set the Host Name option for the DHCP reservation for our printer. (The printer is assigned a DHCP reservation at To set the host name for the printer using a DHCP option, use the following steps:
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you can just customize the default solution.
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In the previous example, the content page is bound to the master using the new MasterPageFile attribute in the @Page directive. The attribute points to a string representing the path to the master page. Page-level binding is just one possibility the most common one. You can also set the binding between the master and the content at the application or folder level. Application-level binding means that you link all the pages of an application to the same master. You configure this behavior by setting the Master attribute in the <pages> element of the principal web.config file:
To configure the test lab for VPN access and network quarantine, create network resources on IIS1.
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