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When you ve completed your changes to the RWW Web site properties, click OK to exit and apply the changes.
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11. Click Next. On the Authentication Methods page, select the authentication methods you want your VPN calling routers to use. 12. To enable EAP-TLS authentication, select Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) and select Smart Card Or Other Certificate in the Type drop-down list. Then click Configure. In the Smart Card Or Other Certificate Properties dialog box, ensure that the name of the computer certificate installed on the IAS server is visible in Certificate Issued To. If there are multiple computer certificates installed on the IAS server, select the correct one in Certificate Issued To. If you cannot select the certificate, the cryptographic service provider for the certificate does not support Secure Channel (SChannel). SChannel support is required for IAS to use the certificate for EAP-TLS authentication. 13. Click Next. 14. On the Policy Encryption Level page, clear the encryption strengths that you do not want to use. For example, to use 128-bit Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE), clear the Basic Encryption and Strong Encryption check boxes. 15. Click Next. 16. On the Completing The New Remote Access Policy page, click Finish.
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The Surveys application saves each survey response as a BLOB.
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void ShowCacheContents(ICacheManager theCache) { if (theCache.Count > 0) { Console.WriteLine("Cache contains the following {0} item(s):", theCache.Count); // Cannot iterate the cache, so use the five known keys foreach (string key in DemoCacheKeys) { if (theCache.Contains(key)) { // Try and get the item from the cache object theData = theCache.GetData(key); If item has expired but not yet been scavenged, it will still show in the count of the number of cached items, but the GetData method will return null. (null != theData) Console.WriteLine("Item key '{0}' ({1}) = {2}", key, theData.GetType().ToString(), theData.ToString()); else Console.WriteLine("Item with key '{0}' has been invalidated.", key); } } } else { Console.WriteLine("The cache is empty."); } } // // // if
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C++ Example of Setting Up Object Types
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10. Streams, Files, and I/O
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15 Application Data Caching
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15. Remoting
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Microsoft supplies a utility called PEVerify .exe, which examines all of an assembly s methods and notifies you of any methods that contain unsafe code . You may want to consider running PEVerify .exe on assemblies that you are referencing; this will let you know if there may be problems running your application via the intranet or Internet . You should be aware that verification requires access to the metadata contained in any dependent assemblies . So when you use PEVerify to check an assembly, it must be able to locate and load all referenced assemblies . Because PEVerify uses the CLR to locate the dependent assemblies, the assemblies are located using the same binding and probing rules that would normally be used when executing the assembly . I ll discuss these binding and probing rules in 2 and 3, Shared Assemblies and Strongly Named Assemblies .
Back to our blocking scenario remember that by default a blocked session will wait for the blocking session to relinquish the resource, with no time limit . If you want to set a limit for waiting, use the LOCK_TIMEOUT session setting, specifying a value in milliseconds . If the timeout value you specified in LOCK_TIMEOUT expires and your session did not get the desired lock, SQL Server will generate error 1222 .
When you select the encryption option, the compression button in the Advanced Attributes dialog box is cleared
From the result shown in Figure 6-17, we can see that the statement <Message Text="%(CopyToOutputDirectory): @(None) @(Compile)"/> was executed once for
Codeless data binding is a feature that a few other server-side programming environments supply, and it has been crucial to the rapid adoption of those environments for developing relatively simple data-driven Web sites. ASP.NET 1.x is great for professional sites because it provides a rich set of events and a detailed object model, but it ends up requiring large blocks of code no matter what you really want to obtain. In ASP.NET 2.0 developers can set up sophisticated Web sites without knowing a lot of SQL or the page life cycle. Codeless data binding, and the data source model in particular, also lets developers work together, each contributing the best of his skills. For example, one developer can create the skeleton of the page and the other can provide the SQL statements or stored procedures needed to perform the basic I/O operations. The big difference over ASP.NET 1.x is that less-experienced developers can now do most of the work and rely on others only for SQL statements. All the glue code is automatically provided by the data source control and buried in the
MSBuild Cookbook
Administration of a Joomla site is made much easier by the Administrator web interface, which is not only easy to use, but can be accessed from almost anywhere. The various managers in Joomla (Template Manager, User Manager, etc.) effectively divide the tasks by the various administrative roles, such as managing the presentation, administering content, and configuring the actual site. Although Joomla runs very well after the initial installation, it is important that a web master consider site administration a task to be performed at regular intervals. Backups, content reorganization, content archival, and security administration are just a few of the jobs that should be carried out periodically to keep the site running smoothly. One of the joys of using Joomla is the ease at which the site can be administered, since complex tasks such as content management and filing take only a few mouse clicks.
19. General Control Issues
Type Character restrictions Maximum length Name service
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