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You can see that validation failures detected for data annotations contain less information than those detected for the Validation block attributes, and validation errors are shown as being detected by the ValidationAttributeValidator class the base class for data annotation validation attributes. However, where we performed additional validation using the self-validation method, there is extra information available. Defining Attributes in Metadata Classes In some cases, you may want to locate your validation attributes (both Validation block attributes and .NET Data Annotation validation attributes) in a file separate from the one that defines the class that you will validate. This is a common scenario when you are using tools that generate the class files, and would therefore overwrite your validation attributes. To avoid this you can locate your validation attributes in a separate file that forms a partial class along with the main class file. This approach makes use of the Meta dataType attribute from the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations namespace.
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Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol A cryptographic mechanism that allows two parties to establish a shared secret key without having any preestablished secrets between them. Diffie-Hellman is frequently used to establish the shared secret keys that are used by common applications of cryptography, such as Internet Protocol Security (IPSec). It is not normally used for data protection. direct hosting For Microsoft networking, the sending of file and print sharing traffic using the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol (also known as the Common Internet File System [CIFS] protocol) without the use of Network Basic Input Output System (NetBIOS). Direct hosting for the Microsoft redirector (the Workstation service) and file server (the Server service) is supported over both TCP/IP and Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX). Although direct hosting might be more effi cient, a direct hosting client can connect only to a direct hosting server. directory service Both the directory information source and the service that makes the information available and usable. A directory service enables the user to find an object when given any one of its attributes. Distributed File System (DFS) A service that allows system administrators to orga nize distributed network shares into a logical namespace, enabling users to access files without specifying their physical location and providing load sharing across network shares. DNS client A client computer that queries DNS servers in an attempt to resolve DNS domain names. DNS clients maintain a temporary cache of resolved DNS domain names. DNS server A server that maintains information about a portion of the DNS database and that responds to and resolves DNS queries. DNS suffix For DNS, a character string that represents a domain name. The DNS suf fix shows where a host is located relative to the DNS root, specifying a host s loca tion in the DNS hierarchy. Usually, the DNS suffix describes the latter portion of a DNS name, following one or more of the first labels of a DNS name. DNS zone In a DNS database, a contiguous portion of the DNS tree that is adminis tered as a single, separate entity by a DNS server. The zone contains resource records for all the names within the zone. domain In Active Directory, a collection of computer, user, and group objects defined by the administrator. These objects share a common directory database, security policies, and security relationships with other domains. In DNS, any tree or subtree within the DNS namespace. Although the names for DNS domains often correspond to Active Directory domains, DNS domains should not be confused with Active Directory domains. generate barcode to pdf
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>> Domain:Value 00158298:04a4130c << As you can see from the output, some of the fields, MethodTable, EEClass, and MT (aka Method Table), can be used with commands I've previously discussed. For the field 357
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Dim ds As New DataSet("customers") adp.Fill(ds, pageStart, numRecords, "customers") Dim dsSort = From cust In ds.Tables("customers").AsEnumerable() Order By cust.Field(Of String)(sortCol) Select cust return dsSort.CopyToDataTable() End Function Sample of C# Code public static DataTable GetPagedCustomersSorted( string sortCol, int pageStart, int numRecords) { if (numRecords <= 0) numRecords = 10; if (sortCol == "") sortCol = "CompanyName"; SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection(_cnnString); string sql = "SELECT * from customers"; SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(sql, cnn); SqlDataAdapter adp = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd); DataSet ds = new DataSet("customers"); cnn.Open(); adp.Fill(ds, pageStart, numRecords, "customers"); var dsSort = from cust in ds.Tables["customers"].AsEnumerable() orderby cust.Field<string>(sortCol) select cust; return dsSort.CopyToDataTable(); }
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Part V
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Design Point: Answering Router Accessibility from the Internet
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The Build Agent and Drop Folder For This Build will default to the values selected when you created the new build de nition, but the developer can override these if desired. The Position indicates where this build will be in the queue if queued on the selected build agent. This is refreshed whenever a different build agent is selected, but there can be a small delay while the position is calculated. You can also change the Priority that the build is queued with and, as expected, the higher the priority the higher in the queue it will be placed. Developers can pass additional command-line arguments to the MSBuild process that runs the build by entering them in the MSBuild Command-Line Arguments elds. The most common use for this is to set the value of MSBuild properties when queuing the build to change how the build behaves. To be able to specify MSBuild Command-Line Arguments, the developer must have the Administer a Build permission on the Team Project. For example, the default build process de nes a property called RunTest that de nes whether unit tests should be executed. When queuing a build, the developer could enter the following in the MSBuild Command-Line Arguments eld to stop the unit tests from being executed and increase the logging verbosity to diagnostic:
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The certificate revocation list (CRL) for the certificate is not reachable or
3. Add a reference to the business/datacash_request.php file in include/app_top.php as highlighted: require_once BUSINESS_DIR . 'ps_ship_ok.php'; require_once BUSINESS_DIR . 'ps_final_notification.php'; require_once BUSINESS_DIR . 'datacash_request.php';
Using Resource View
FIGURE 7-5 Running the new application.
Table-valued UDFs are UDFs that return a table and are typically specified in the FROM clause of an outer query . This section will describe inline table-valued UDFs, multistatement table-valued UDFs, and CLR table-valued UDFs .
Figure 7-15 How to calculate averages within ranges containing numbers and #N/A Values
Table 7-11. Comparison of java.lang.StringBuffer and System.Text.StringBuilder
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