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Responding to Windows Defender Alerts
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Every XML document has a root element (also called a document element) that s the highest level of the hierarchy. The last closing tag in the XML document closes the root element (in this example, the MESSAGE element). An XML document that has matching start and end tags for every element and conforms to the hierarchy is called well-formed XML.
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This generates the following output:
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Change the color category by right-clicking the item.
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The input argument values can also be updated using the Assign Value step, which we discuss in the Steps section later in the chapter.
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Additional Lines as Eye-Catcher
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If you pass a string to IsDefined, it doesn t split the string into separate tokens to look up; it will attempt to look up the string as through it were one big symbol with commas in it . Since you can t define an enum with a symbol that has commas in it, the symbol will never be found . If you pass a numeric value to IsDefined, it checks if the enumerated type defines a single symbol whose numeric value matches the passed-in number . Since this is unlikely for bit flags, IsDefined will usually return false .
In Listing 12-3, we add a column to the E table, using the NUMBERLIST_T type we created in Listing 122. Then, we execute a query. Listing 12-3. Adding a Column Based on the NUMBERLIST_T Type alter table e add (numlist numberlist_t); describe e Name ------------------------EMPNO ENAME INIT MGR DEPTNO NUMLIST Null Type -------- --------------NUMBER(4) NOT NULL VARCHAR2(8) NOT NULL VARCHAR2(5) NUMBER(4) NUMBER(2) NUMBERLIST_T
icate authentication for IPSec, you must install computer certificates, also known as machine certificates, on each VPN client and VPN server. If you are using a Windows Server 2003 enterprise CA as an issuing CA, configure your Active Directory domain for auto-enrollment of computer certificates using Computer Configuration group policy. Each computer that is a mem ber of the domain automatically requests a computer certificate when the Computer Configuration group policy is updated. The computer certificate of the VPN client must be valid and verifiable by the VPN server that is, the VPN server must have a root CA certificate for the CA that issued the computer certificate of the VPN client. Likewise, the computer certificate of the VPN server must be valid and veri fiable by the VPN client that is, the VPN client must have a root CA certifi cate for the CA that issued the computer certificate of the VPN server.
within any .NET Framework 1.1 application that uses an appropriate SqlCommand object. Note that this technique is completely unrelated to the bulk copy functionality provided by the SQL Server .NET data provider in ADO.NET 2.0. In other words, the SqlBulkCopy class of ADO.NET 2.0 is not exactly a bare wrapper around the T-SQL BULK INSERT statement. As you ll see in a moment, it is even more efficient than a plain call to the BULK INSERT statement.
internal sealed class Transaction { private DateTime m_timeOfLastTrans; public void PerformTransaction() { Monitor.Enter(this); // This code has exclusive access to the data... m_timeOfLastTrans = DateTime.Now; Monitor.Exit(this); } public DateTime LastTransaction { get { Monitor.Enter(this); // This code has shared access to the data... DateTime temp = m_timeOfLastTrans; Monitor.Exit(this); return temp; } } }
You can configure the scrolling type for each web resource. Scrolling refers to adding a scroll bar to the web resource so that users can move the page up and down in the web resource. The three scrolling options are:
some of the attributes . In particular, it would be great if the value of the AssemblyVersion attribute were shown because the CLR uses this value when loading assemblies, as we ll discuss in 3 .
Figure 10-8. View the web part creation report in the Publishing Files In Progress dialog box.
fbChain = (Feedback) Delegate.Remove(fbChain, new Feedback(FeedbackToMsgBox));
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