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Draw Quick Response Code in C# Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying

Distinguishing Qualities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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Practice 1: Performing a Manual Backup of the DHCP Server
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Figure 2-2
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Multiple database users trying to change the same rows need to wait for each other, so writers may block other writers. Each attempt to change a row tries to acquire the corresponding row-level lock first. If the lock cannot be acquired, you must wait until the pending change is committed or rolled back. All row-level locks are released upon a COMMIT (explicit or implicit) or ROLLBACK. This means that the Oracle DBMS tries to minimize locking overhead and tries to maximize throughput and concurrency.
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You saw in the defining models section of this lesson how you can use the DataAnnotations scaffolding to provide metadata about your model, indicating required fields, range validation, regular expression validation, and more. This scaffolding will impact how your strongly typed views are generated, validated, and processed by the controller. As an example, suppose you have created a model based on the Northwind database by using the Entity Framework. That model might include a Customer object. You could use the scaffolding features to add validation attributes to your model. The following code shows an example of doing so. In this example, the Required, StringLength, and RegularExpression attributes are used.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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The shadow is cast entirely by the object itself (for example, by a box), and is therefore Outer . You look into the open or opened object (into the box) and see the shadow formations, which are therefore Inner. The shadow falls on a surface that s at a different level . As a result, the shadow has Perspective .
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USE master; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.AuditDDLLogins', 'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.AuditDDLLogins; CREATE TABLE dbo.AuditDDLLogins ( lsn INT NOT NULL IDENTITY, posttime DATETIME NOT NULL, eventtype sysname NOT NULL, loginname sysname NOT NULL,
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Once you have finished developing your Silverlight application, you must then face the question of deployment. Luckily, Silverlight deployment is a trivial task that really only involves one concept, XAP files.
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Using conditions in dialog processes is similar to using conditions in workflow processes. In a dialog process, conditions are typically used to identify the next step or section of call script users should be directed to based on a response. For example, as part of a dialog process, a user is prompted to verify the address information currently stored for a customer account. If the address information is incorrect, the process directs the user to a page on which he can update the address information. If the address is correct, the user is directed to the next step of the dialog process.
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Using Internet Explorer 7
Although one reason for using table expressions is in an attempt to simplify your code by not repeating expressions, the nesting aspect of derived tables ends up complicating the code.
Scaling Applications by Using Worker Roles
internal sealed class ThreadsSharingData { private volatile Int32 m_flag = 0; private Int32 m_value = 0; // This method is executed by one thread public void Thread1() { // Note: 5 must be written to m_value before 1 is written to m_flag m_value = 5; m_flag = 1; } // This method is executed by another thread public void Thread2() { // Note: m_value must be read after m_flag is read if (m_flag == 1) Console.WriteLine(m_value); } }
the code in this assembly to your heart s content. Because the plug in developers won t reference this assembly, you can put out a new version of it every hour if you want to and not affect any of the plug in developers. The plug in developers will, of course, define their own types in their own assembly. Their assembly will also reference the types in your interface assembly. The plug in developers are also able to put out a new version of their assembly as often as they d like, and the application will be able to consume the plug in types without any problem whatsoever. This small section contains some very important information. When using types across assemblies, you need to be concerned with assembly versioning issues. Take your time, and isolate the types that you use for communication across assembly boundaries into their own assembly. Avoid mutating or changing these type definitions and don t change the version number of the assembly. Also, avoid defining a type whose base type is defined in another assembly, even though the .NET Framework Design Guidelines encourage this; it s the wrong thing to do, because assemblies will be tied to specific versions of other assemblies. As a consequence of the CLR s side by side support, you ll end up pulling several different versions of an assembly into a single AppDomain. This can cause significant memory usage and severely hurt performance. It might also prevent or at least make difficult communication between the assemblies. In addition, most compilers don t let you reference multiple versions of a specific assembly when building a managed module. This limitation can make it difficult for code to take advantage of new features (offered by a newer version of an assembly) and still communicate (via required types in an older version of an assembly).
Using the Spatial Results tab, we now get a much more legible display of our spatial objects, as shown in Figure 14-6 .
Poison Message Queue Disable
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