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Bytes Required per Data Type
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To enable the Mini Player toolbar, right-click any empty space on the Windows taskbar, click Toolbars, and then click Windows Media Player. With this toolbar selected, the Mini Player toolbar will tuck into the right side of the taskbar any time you minimize the Player. Point to the Mini Player to see a pop-up window that provides details about the currently playing content; click the Show Video And Visualization Window button to display a slightly larger window that shows a miniature version of the contents of the Now Playing pane.
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By clicking the Delete button in the ribbon and then selecting Bulk Delete By clicking the Bulk Record Deletion link located in the Data Management section of the Settings area
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13. Threading and Synchronization
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You can deploy a caching-only server to improve DNS name resolution efficiency.
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The user interface displays only what you need to accomplish a specific task.
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Again, by having the tiny piece of logic of choosing the best sentence in a separate method, you can change the way the program works without meddling with larger methods.
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Netsh is a command-line tool that provides a text-based shell for managing network components. In Windows Server 2008 you can configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security by utilizing commands available in the advfirewall context. With netsh you change to a specific context to modify components within that context. Many other contexts are available beyond the advfirewall context, including interface, nap, ras, and rpc. A complete discussion of all of the capabilities of netsh is beyond the scope of this chapter. We will focus on the context used for managing the firewall. You need to use netsh in a command prompt that has administrative privileges. Although UAC is not enabled by default in Windows Server 2008, it might be enabled on your servers, and some readers are likely to be performing management tasks on Windows Vista computers, where UAC is enabled by default. To open an elevated command prompt, follow these steps: Click Start. Type command prompt in the Start Search field. Right-click the command prompt icon and select Run As Administrator. When the UAC prompt appears, click Continue. Depending upon how UAC is configured in your environment you may need to provide credentials for an account with administrative privileges. Enter netsh at the command prompt to launch the tool. At the netsh prompt enter advfirewall to enter the advanced firewall context. Many commands are available. You can
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that is acting as a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server.
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// Displays "Richter" // Displays "Jeffrey"
Allocation Order Scan
Part V
Tip The Oracle data dictionary contains a V$RESERVED_WORDS view. You can check your object names against this view to avoid using reserved words.
18. Table-Driven Methods
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