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If you are trying to cast to a reference type, you can also use the C# as operator . Here is code modified to use the as operator with String (since Int32 is a value type):
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Here s the algebra I used in my solution to the problem: Let s = current age of ship, b = current age of boiler, and y = years passed since the age of the ship was equal to the current age of the boiler. You can translate the statements in the puzzle to the following three equations: 1. s + b = 42 2. s = 2 (b y) 3. s y = b From equations 2 and 3 you get the following equation: s = 2 (b s + b) This gives us equation 4: 4. 3 s = 4 b From equations 1 and 4 you get the following equation: 3 s = 4 (42 s) When you solve the equation for s, you get 24. And now that the age of the ship is known, you can solve equation 1 for b: b = 42 24 = 18 The solution is that the ship s current age is 24 and the boiler s current age is 18.
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Analytical Ranking Functions
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Creating Your Own Gems
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x y z scan lives up to its name. It scans through the string looking for anything that matches the regular expression passed to it. In this case, you ve supplied a regular expression that looks for a single character at a time. That s why you get x, y, and z separately in the output. Each letter is fed to the block, assigned to letter, and printed to the screen. Try this more elaborate example: "This is a test".scan(/../) { |x| puts x }
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ConstructorInfo ctor = t.GetConstructor(new Type[] { typeof(Int32).MakeByRefType() });
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The last example cached items in the most naive way possible . They were simply placed in the cache and given an index . However, at times you might need a bit more control over the items in the cache . For example, what if the physical source backing one of the items you cache changes If getting accurate information out to your users is important, you might want to know about the change so that you can handle it (perhaps by reloading the new information into the cache) . As another example, what if you knew that the data in your cache would become invalid after a certain period of time or on a certain date You d want to make sure that the data in the cache is invalidated and the cache is appropriately refreshed with new data . In addition to placing items in the cache using the indexer, the Cache object implements a parameterized method named Insert that you can use to control many aspects of the cached item . The ways in which you can control cache entries include the following:
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Figure 16-1: Script recording options for Tester The first thing you'll notice at the top of the Script Recording Options dialog box is the option to choose JScript or VBScript for new scripts. The Record For Multiple Monitor Playback check box, which is checked by default, will insert calls to TSystem.CheckVirtualResolution to ensure the screen size for the rest of the recording. If you uncheck this option, any point that falls outside the primary monitor for mouse clicks or windows locations will abort recording. You might want to turn off multiple monitor recording if you plan to use recorded scripts on different machines. However, if you're recording scripts that only you will be running, leave the multiple monitor recording turned on so that you can take advantage of multiple monitors. For scripts in which you will be doing a lot of click-and-drags and you want to record all the mouse movements between the mouse down and release actions, set the Minimum Pixels To Drag Before Generating A MOVETO value to 0. If your recording will be doing a lot of clicks in the application without shifting focus to other applications, you'll want to uncheck Record Focus Changes With Mouse Clicks And Double Clicks. That will keep TESTREC.EXE from generating the code to force the focus each time the mouse is clicked and will make your script much smaller. The Do Child Focus Attempt In Scripts option will add code that attempts to set the focus to a specific control or child window you click on. I left this option off by default because I was already generating the statements to set the focus to the top-level window. Although applications like Notepad have only a single child window, other applications have deeply nested window hierarchies, and it can be difficult to track down child windows when all the parents don't have titles and unique classes. For an example, use Spy++ to look at the Visual Studio .NET editor window hierarchy. I found that setting the top window level focus before generating the click code usually worked perfectly fine. 581
FigURE 13-4 The ASP.NET CreateUserWizard control in Visual Studio.
When you create a new VM, it will automatically include a single network adapter. Unless you choose to install the operating system from the network, it will add one of the synthetic network adapters that are new to Hyper-V. These work great and are de nitely the preferred choice unless you are running an operating system that doesn t have Integration Services available for it. If that s the case, you ll need to change this adapter to a legacy network adapter. You can t directly change the adapter type you ll need to delete the existing one and add a legacy adapter.
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