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Creating Zone Delegations
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Asymmetric encryption involves two keys a public key and a private key . These two keys have a special relationship . Data encrypted with the private key can be decrypted only with the public key, and data encrypted with the public key can be decrypted only with the private key . The private key is kept tightly secured on the owner s system, and the public key is given out to systems that need to communicate with the private key owner . At first glance, it looks like a great way to secure communications . If Larry and Moe need to talk, Larry gives Moe his public key and Moe gives Larry his public key . When Larry wants to send Moe something he encrypts it with Moe s public key, confident that only Moe can decrypt it . Two issues arise with this process . First, Larry knows that only Moe can decrypt the message, but Moe doesn t know for sure that Larry sent it to him . Larry can solve this problem by signing the message with his private key so that when Moe checks the signature with Larry s public key he will know that Larry sent it . The other, more critical problem is that asymmetric key encryption and decryption are extremely slow . The processor overhead is so great that using this technique for exchanging data is impractical . Fortunately, symmetric key encryption is relatively efficient for exchanging large messages . Symmetric key encryption is also called shared secret encryption because both the sender and receiver have the same key . The issue with this process is the need to reliably exchange the secret key . This issue is especially important for Service Broker because for optimal security, every conversation has its own symmetric key . As you might have guessed, Service Broker combines these techniques for dialog security . The asymmetric key technique is used to securely exchange a symmetric key, and then the symmetric key is used to exchange data . Actually, Service Broker cuts down the asymmetric overhead even further by exchanging a symmetric key exchange key (KEK) with the asymmetric keys and then using the KEK to exchange the session keys for each dialog . The KEK is always sent in the header of the first dialog message, but it is decrypted only if the target has lost the KEK or it has changed . Each pair of Service Broker endpoints uses a different KEK for the dialogs between them . Service Broker generates a new key exchange key periodically to reduce the impact of someone using a brute-force attack to break the key .
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When building a project, the compiler will assume you want to reference all the assemblies listed. Don t worry: an AssemblyRef entry is created only if your source code refers to a type or member defined by one of these assemblies. This response file is a big convenience for developers: it allows you to use types and namespaces defined in various Microsoft published assemblies without having to specify any /reference command line switches when compiling. Of course, you re welcome to add your own switches to the global CSC.rsp file if you want to make your life even easier. Note You can tell the compiler to ignore both local and global CSC.rsp files by specifying the /noconfig command line switch.
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Figure 13 shows the corresponding HTTP traf c for the active client message sequence.
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De ne Shared Commands De ne Infrastructure Project De ne Shared Events
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Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
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8. In the IP Address text box, type the IP address currently assigned to Computer2, click Add, and then click Next. The Completing The New Zone Wizard page appears. 9. Click Finish. The sub.domain1.local zone now appears in the DNS console tree under the Forward Lookup Zones node. 10. Right-click the Sub.domain1.local node in the console tree (not the details pane), and then select Transfer From Master.
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Select a domain name provider from the list provided (Figure 8-6) and then click Next.
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DNS Proxy
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SUM, STD DEVIATION, and VARIANCE functions. Adding column and group totals is functionality that s built into SharePoint lists it doesn t require you to create a formula. To add column totals, refer to Adding Totals in the section Creating a New View in 4. Table 5-2. Common SharePoint Formulas
Derived Table/CTE: Current statement View/Inline UDF: Global No N/A
["http://www.rubyinside.com/", "mailto:me@privacy.net"] You can also limit the types of URLs that extract should find: require 'uri' puts URI.extract('http://www.rubyinside.com/ and mailto:me@privacy.net', ['http']).inspect
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