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The W3C organization is currently working on a draft of the DOM Level 3 Core to include support for an abstract modeling schema and I/O serialization. Check out the most recent draft at http://www.w3.org/TR/2002/WD-DOM-Level3-ASLS-20020409. The approved standard DOM Level 2 Core is available at http://www.w3.org/TR/DOMLevel-2. Relevant information about XML standards is available from the W3C Web site, at http://www.w3.org. If you want to learn more about the SAX specification, look at the new Web site for the SAX project, at http://www.saxproject.org. 19
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The motivation for calculating the two aggregates in a single derived table instead of as two separate subqueries stemmed from the fact that each subquery accessed the table/index, while the derived table calculated the aggregates using a single scan of the data. Similarly, you can calculate multiple aggregates using the same OVER clause, and SQL Server will scan the required source data only once for all. Here's how you use the OVER clause to answer the same request:
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The outer CASE expression first uses a pivoting technique to check whether a 0 value appears in the group, in which case it returns a 0 as the result. The ELSE clause invokes another CASE expression, which also uses a pivoting technique to count the number of negative values in the group. If that number is even, it produces a +1; if it's odd, it produces a 1. The purpose of this calculation is to determine the numerical sign of the result. The sign (1 or +1) is then multiplied by the product of the absolute values of the numbers in the group to give the desired product. Note that NULLIF is used here to substitute zeros with NULLs. You might expect this part of the expression not to be evaluated at all if a zero is found. But remember that the optimizer can consider many different physical plans to execute your query. As a result, you can't be certain of the actual order in which parts of an expression will be evaluated. By substituting zeros with NULLs, you ensure that you'll never get a domain error if the LOG10 function ends up being invoked with a zero as an input. This use of NULLIF, together with the use of ABS, allow this solution to accommodate inputs of any sign (negative, zero, and positive). You could also use a pure mathematical approach to handle zeros and negative values using the following query: SELECT groupid, CAST(ROUND(EXP(SUM(LOG(ABS(NULLIF(val,0)))))* (1-SUM(1-SIGN(val))%4)*(1-SUM(1-SQUARE(SIGN(val)))),0) AS INT) AS product FROM dbo.Groups GROUP BY groupid;
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The method is a sort of callback that is invoked when the page is being restored from the cache.
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Counting Sentences and Paragraphs
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As you can see, FormView has the same root and implements the same interfaces as DetailsView.
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Table of Contents
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Constant declarations have the following syntax: [attributes] [modifiers] const type identifier = value ; More than one constant can be declared on a single line, each having the same type and accessibility but different values. For example:
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and select After in the picklist. Next, select the Lead entity and the Created On field, and click Add. Leave the default value blank, and then click OK. 8. Next, follow a similar process to add dynamic values for the Phone Number, Sender, and Owner fields, as shown in the following image. Click Save and Close to complete.
Table 4-24. Row Numbers, Nonunique Sort Column, No Tiebreaker, Step 1's Output
class Dog def talk puts "Woof!" end end my_dog = Dog.new my_dog.talk
double ComputePayment( long loanAmount, int months, double interestRate ) { return loanAmount / ( ( 1.0 - Math.pow( ( 1.0 + ( interestRate / 12.0 ) ), -months ) ) / ( interestRate / 12.0 ) ); }
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