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In the modi ed version I have created a new item, Compile, which includes four values that are separated by semicolons. The PrintCompileInfo target passes these values to the Message task. When you invoke the PrintCompileInfo target on the MSBuild le just shown, the result will be Compile: Form1.cs;Form1.Designer.cs;Program.cs;Properties\ AssemblyInfo.cs. It may look like the Message task simply took the value in the Include attribute and passed it to the Message task, but this is not the case. The Message task has a single input parameter, Text, as discussed earlier. This parameter is a string property. Because an item is a multivalued object, it cannot be passed directly into the Text property. It rst has to be converted into a string. MSBuild does this for you by separating each value with a semicolon. In 2, MSBuild Deep Dive, Part 1, I will discuss how you can customize this conversion process. An item de nition doesn t have to be de ned entirely by a single element. It can span multiple elements. For example, the Compile item shown earlier could have been declared like this:
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Information Description Name The name of the assembly. Version A major and minor version number, and a revision and build number. The common language runtime uses these numbers to enforce version policy. Culture Information about the culture or language that the assembly supports, similar to the Internationalization and Localization concepts in Java. This is required only for assemblies that contain solely localized resources, such as culturespecific strings, known as "satellite" assemblies. Strong name Strong names are discussed in detail in Appendix B. Assembly A list of files that make up the assembly. See the "Creating a Multifile contents Assembly" section later in this chapter for more information. Type Details of types exported by the assembly. information References Details of assemblies required to support the types contained in the assembly. General General details, such as the company that produced the assembly, a description information string, and copyright information. The first four items (name, version, culture, and strong name) are used to identify an assembly. Most of the information in the manifest is generated automatically when the assembly is created. The general information can be specified by the programmer. See the sections on single-file and multifile assemblies for more information.
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21.4 Other Kinds of Collaborative Development Practices
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Logical Query Processing Phase Details
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Figure 2 5 : Resource editor in Visual Studio .NET When building an assembly, you should set the version resource fields using custom attributes that you apply at the assembly level in your source code. Here s what the code that produced the version information in Figure 2 5 looks like:
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security updates, feature packs, and so on. A software update has an accompanying Knowledge Base article.
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This example works in exactly the same way as the one prior, except that the template has been moved into a special data area after the main Ruby source code. In Ruby, if the __END__ delimiter is used, then any text coming after it is not processed as Ruby code but as input to the application if the application so chooses to read it. Sinatra can use this functionality to support placing named templates into the source code file itself. Templates used in this way are prefixed with @@ [name] so that the template can then be referenced by the template rendering commands (erb in this case) by using the symbol representing the name of the template (for example, erb :index).
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Further Reading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-3
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Obtaining and Managing the Isolated Stores
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In the real world, spatial data is often quite detailed . Detail in vector spatial data is manifested by the number of shape points (vertex points) used to define the spatial object . We have all observed this on printed maps before . Consider San Francisco Bay . On a map showing all of North America, San Francisco Bay might appear as nothing more than a small indentation on the California coastline . On the other hand, on a map of the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco Bay might be highly detailed, showing local coves and other nuances in its rendition . Reducing the level of detail of a spatial object is called cartographic generalization, or simply generalization . In SQL Server 2008, the Reduce() method of a geometry instance returns a generalization of the instance . The degree of generalization can be controlled with the required tolerance parameter . Roughly speaking, the tolerance is the size below which details need not be preserved . Reduce() has some other interesting characteristics: Imagine two polygons, one very thin and linear in nature and the other a small triangle . As we reduce the complexity by removing the vertex points of these polygons, they will at some point be converted into other geometric forms . The thin, linear polygon will become a LINESTRING . The small triangle will become a POINT . Let s take a look at the result of Reduce() on such data .
4 Data and Document Management
new feature in Office Groove 2007 is the SharePoint Files tool. The standard Files tool is ideal for working collaboratively with your team members on one or more files. But the challenge is, how do you then share what you ve developed in Office Groove 2007 with a larger group of people With the new SharePoint Files tool, you can publish your final documents, either to a Windows SharePoint Services teamsite or to Office SharePoint Server 2007, with just a couple mouse clicks. This way, the work you do among your small project team in Groove workspaces becomes part of the corporate record without a lot of overhead.
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Who do you envision average Office Groove 2007 users to be and what are they trying to accomplish Pretty much anyone who works with information and relies on
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