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The one key reason for creating data islands or, more generally, for embedding XML data in the folds of an HTML page is to cache data on the client to outfit some of the controls on the page. In the previous section, we saw how to embed a data island and how to retrieve its contents. Once retrieved, the XML data can be passed on to clientside components for further processing or can be manipulated via script. As you can imagine, the latter option is less effective because it is based on interpreted code and because, in general, script languages aren't particularly rich in programming features. So far, COM objects and Java classes have been the most popular technologies used by developers to write client-side components running in the context of Web pages. COM objects and Java classes can be passed, or can directly access, XML data stored in embedded blocks and can then apply some business logic. Both COM objects and Java classes require special support from the browser. The advent of the .NET Framework added a third option to this list. In addition to writing COM components (including ActiveX controls) or Java classes (including applets), you can now write Windows Forms controls and embed them in HTML pages and ASP.NET-generated Web forms. In the rest of this chapter, we'll examine the foundation of Windows Forms controls and the tools and techniques you need to know to embed these controls in HTML pages. Next we'll build a sample control that imports the contents of a data island, parses the XML text using a .NET Framework reader, and finally displays the resultant data through a data-bound control. Building Windows Forms Controls for HTML Pages Internet Explorer versions 5.5 and later support a special syntax for the <object> tag that lets you embed managed objects in Web applications. The object must be an instance of a class that inherits from the System.Windows.Forms.Control class either directly or indirectly. The assembly that contains the class is downloaded to the client if it is not already cached. Of course, for this feature to work, the .NET Framework must be installed on the client. The following code shows how to embed a .NET Framework user-defined class into a Web page: <object id="grid" classid="http:DataListView.dll#XmlNet.CS.DataListView" 490
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Part I CLR Basics
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The programming model is simplified . By blocking a thread, you are sacrificing some resources and performance so that you can write your application code sequentially without using callback methods . A thread has a dedicated purpose . Some threads must be used for specific tasks . The best example is an application s primary thread . If an application s primary thread doesn t block, then it will eventually return and the whole process will terminate . Another example is an application s GUI thread or threads . Windows requires that a
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Note CRUD is just a convenient acronym to refer to the concept of a system that allows the creation,
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The build process produces many files and directories. Getting the project directory to the same state as when the source was checked out of a repository is important for determining what has changed. Many Ant users recommend having a clean target that can remove all the products of the build process. The problem with this approach is that for large builds it s easy to accidentally delete files that are needed, and it s also easy to miss files or directories that need to be deleted. For this reason you should include a clean sub target for each main target in the buildfile. By doing this you ll easily be able to determine what needs to be clean at the target level. Then for the global clean target you can simply invoke all individual clean sub targets by invoking them using the antcall task (or by listing them as dependencies), as shown in Listing 3-14.
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BEGIN TRAN EXEC dbo.AddCust @custid = @companyname = @phone = @address =
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
public delegate TReturn CallMe<TReturn, TKey, TValue>(TKey key, TValue value);
32. Self-Documenting Code
Listing 9-3. Data definition language and sample data for the Cities and Roads tables
How Many Subsequences Are There
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6 Type and Member Basics
Adding a Terminal Server
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