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FIGURE 2-7 The limited capacity of working memory to process new information creates a narrow pas-
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This query generates the following output:
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DATEPART(weekday, DATEADD(day, @@DATEFIRST - n, dt))
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Note something interesting in the unpacked form of the relation: A simple unique or primary key constraint over the supplierid and during columns enforces the rule that no supplier can be under two distinct contracts at the same time point . You can see how nice it would be if T-SQL supported the UNPACK operator . You could add a view with an unpacked version of the original relation and index it with a unique index over the supplierid and during columns . This unique index would prevent the insertion of rows that would violate the constraint mentioned . So how can you get an unpacked form of a relation Again, the DateNums lookup table is handy here . I can join the Suppliers_Temp_During table with DateNums using a non-equijoin, using the BETWEEN operator to find all time points between the beginning and end of an interval . From the time points, I can create unit intervals, as in the following query:
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Testing the File Explorer
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Now that you have a general understanding of web resources, let s delve into the specifics. Table 11-2 lists the web resource types, their extensions, and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM metadata type code associated with each type.
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25.2 Introduction to Code Tuning 25.3 Kinds of Fat and Molasses 25.4 Measurement 25.5 Iteration 25.6 Summary of the Approach to Code Tuning
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Recovering the Operating System
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To determine your computer s IP address and other IP settings, in the dialog box shown in Figure 12-12, click Details. Windows Vista provides several methods for assigning IP addresses to networked computers:
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5 Primitive, Reference, and Value Types
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Table of Contents
Open the Hyper-V Manager console if it isn t already open. Select the Hyper-V computer in the left-hand pane, click New, and then click Virtual Machine on the Actions menu to start the New Virtual Machine Wizard. If you haven t disabled the Before You Begin page, you can read the description of what s going to happen or click the More About Creating Virtual Machines link to open the Help pages for creating a VM. Select the Do Not Show This Page Again check box so that you don t have to see this page again. Click Next to open the Specify Name And Location page, shown in Figure 6-12.
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Fill mode toggle Ordinal number (e.g., 4th) Spelled-out number (e.g., four) Spelled-ordinal number (e.g., fourth)
FiguRe 14-24 MapPoint Add-In for SQL Server Import Data menu
Best practices recommend never modifying default templates. Instead, new templates or copies of current ones are placed in a separate location and then used to create custom templates. Consequently, you always have the default templates, and because custom tem plates are stored separately, it is easier to copy them and store originals in a safe place.
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