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be assigned permissions. Security groups should not be confused with Distribution Groups, which are used by Microsoft Exchange Server to group users into groups so that you can send e-mail to a group of people at one time. Both are defined in Active Directory. In addition to the groups defined in the domain, which exist only in domains, there are also built-in local groups. These are groups defined in a different hierarchy, by a different authority, than the domain groups. Built-in groups are not considered domain groups per se, but rather are built in on all or at least some Windows-based computers, regardless of whether they are domain controllers. They exist on all Windows-based computers, but are defined in AD on DCs. For example, the Administrators group is a built-in group that exists on all Windowsbased computers, while Domain Admins is a domain group that exists only on domains. Figure 1-6 shows 21 built-in groups on a test computer.
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1. Add the following error-handling related configuration variables to include/config.php: < php // SITE_ROOT contains the full path to the hatshop folder define('SITE_ROOT', dirname(dirname(__FILE__))); // Application directories define('PRESENTATION_DIR', SITE_ROOT . '/presentation/'); define('BUSINESS_DIR', SITE_ROOT . '/business/'); // Settings needed to configure the Smarty template engine define('SMARTY_DIR', SITE_ROOT . '/libs/smarty/'); define('TEMPLATE_DIR', PRESENTATION_DIR . '/templates'); define('COMPILE_DIR', PRESENTATION_DIR . '/templates_c'); define('CONFIG_DIR', SITE_ROOT . '/include/configs'); // These should be true while developing the web site define('IS_WARNING_FATAL', true); define('DEBUGGING', true); // The error types to be reported define('ERROR_TYPES', E_ALL); // Settings about mailing the error messages to admin define('SEND_ERROR_MAIL', false); define('ADMIN_ERROR_MAIL', 'admin@example.com'); define('SENDMAIL_FROM', 'errors@example.com'); ini_set('sendmail_from', SENDMAIL_FROM); // By default we don't log errors to a file define('LOG_ERRORS', false); define('LOG_ERRORS_FILE', 'c:\\hatshop\\errors_log.txt'); // Windows // define('LOG_ERRORS_FILE', '/var/tmp/hatshop_errors.log'); // Unix
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No implicit boxing is performed on the lock object, so value types, such as an integer or a floating-point number, cannot be used to perform locking. Attempting to use a value type will result in a compile-time error. To protect a static method or variable, the use of this is not available, but it's possible to use the return from typeof(MyClass).
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Part I Overview and Configuration
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Configuring and Managing Remote Access 10-83
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Interstate n is represented as (NULL,NULL, I ,n) U .S . Highway n is represented as (NULL,NULL, S ,n) State Route n in state s is represented as (NULL,s, S ,n) County Route n in county c, state s is represented as (c,s, C ,n)
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A buffer region constructed with a negative distance value is commonly referred to as a negative buffer .
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Figure 7-6. Adding a Silverlight Page 14. Once View1.xaml has been added, repeat steps 11 and 12 to add another Silverlight Page named View2.xaml. 15. Open View1.xaml up in design mode and add the following XAML to the root Grid. <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <TextBlock Text="View 1" FontSize="60" Foreground="Green" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" /> </Grid> 16. Open View2.xaml up in design mode and add the following XAML to the root Grid. <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <TextBlock Text="View 2" FontSize="60" Foreground="Red" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" /> </Grid>
this.MouseLeftButtonDown += delegate(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) { lastMouseDownPos = e.GetPosition(msi); lastMouseViewPort = msi.ViewportOrigin; mouseDown = true; msi.CaptureMouse(); };
Expected result Notes Day minimum, Month nominal, Year nominal Day minimum +1, Month nominal, Year nominal Day maximum -1, Month nominal, Year nominal Day maximum, Month nominal, Year nominal Day maximum +1, Month nominal, Year nominal Year minimum -1, Day nominal, Month nominal Year minimum, Day nominal, Month nominal Year minimum +1, Day nominal, Month nominal Year maximum -1, Day nominal, Month nominal Year maximum, Day nominal, Month nominal Year maximum +1, Day nominal, Month nominal All nominal conditions
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Description Specifies the name of the template to use. Overwrites any existing template in the file with another. Comments You might need to enter the whole path. Use this setting if you do not want a combined effect when applying a template. If the old tem plate in the file has already been applied, using this setting will not change security settings on the computer that are not overwritten by the new template. This setting always records errors. By default, if no log file is specified, the system uses WINDOWS\Security\Logs\Scesrv.log. When you use this setting in a script, the logged-on user does not need to know that the program is running.
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