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Displaying Product Lists
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SharePoint s built-in web parts such as the Office Spreadsheet and Page Viewer Web Parts are powerful, but if you want advanced Excel functionality, use the SharePoint Spreadsheet Web Part Add-in. The add-in is still in beta, but it s an efficient way to provide your users with all the features of Excel without hours of coding: the ultimate in SharePoint and Excel integration.
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int FunctionalTest(int parameters) { int testResult = 0; //test code here if(testWasSuccessful) testResult = 1; return testPass; }
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Figure 5-22
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Attribute Constructor and Field/Property Data Types
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System Monitor graphs
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It implements the APM itself so it easily integrates with all the Microsoft .NET Framework technologies, such as ASP .NET and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) . This also allows composition of asynchronous subroutines, as one AsyncEnumerator can invoke another . It coordinates multiple concurrent asynchronous operations . That is, you can issue many asynchronous operations, and the AsyncEnumerator can notify you after all of them have completed or notify you as each one completes . It supports discard groups, which allow you to issue a set of asynchronous operations and have the AsyncEnumerator object automatically throw away the results as they complete . For example, you could request the temperature of London from three different Web servers within a single discard group . Whichever server responds the fastest gives your application the information it needs to continue processing . Then you can cancel the remaining operations that are part of that discard group . It allows you to cancel a set of asynchronous operations automatically by calling each operation s EndXxx methods (and swallowing exceptions) for you if you don t care about the results . This is particularly good for GUI applications because it allows users to cancel the operations if they get tired of waiting for the results . In addition, you can have the cancel occur automatically after a timeout interval that you specify . This is particularly good for server applications that want to respond to the client within a certain period of time with whatever information the server has .
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toring Tools, Networking Services, Other Network File And Print Services, and Certifi cate Services.
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Lesson 1: Working with User Profiles
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Configuring Debugging in AsP.nET
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Figure 7-3
Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types
The stored procedure shown in Listing 9-8 is reasonably straightforward. Rather than having two separate stored procedures, one for an insert and one for an update, spSaveCustomer decides at runtime whether an INSERT or an UPDATE is appropriate. If this is a new customer, I insert the new record and return the @@IDENTITY value, which will be the last value inserted. Tip If you re using SQL Server 2000, you can use IDENT_CURRENT or SCOPE_IDENTITY, which might be better under some circumstances. The @@IDENTITY value can be misleading if the table in which you ve just inserted a record has a trigger that inserts a record in another table with an identity column. If the save succeeds, I change the Label1 Text property to reflect that, and change the caption of the Cancel button to Close, reflecting that the change has already taken place and that exiting the page now won t discard any changes. Within the InitializeComponent method, Visual Studio .NET writes the code to add event handlers for the buttons. When you re in the designer, double-clicking the button will add the code to add a Click handler and display the newly created method in the code editor. A couple of minor enhancements would be appropriate for this application if it were being developed in a production environment. A ValidationSummary control would allow you to more clearly state what the problem is with each of the fields. You could also use clientside code to display a confirming message box when the user clicks the Delete button. Of course, additional error handling and even error and event logging would also be helpful in a production system.
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