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Convert Parent-Child Representation to HIERARCHYID
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Table 6-15. Contents of Matrix Table
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After careful consideration of all the design, naming, and business factors that influence your test approach, it is time to pull together the right set of techniques to drive the testing process. This section digs deeper into the different techniques that services require and gives some solutions to the dangers raised in the Dangerous Book for Software Plus Services. Fully Automated Deployments For just about every product Microsoft develops, we have a daily build. (See 11, "Nonfunctional Testing.") The moment the build drops (finishes compiling and is propped to a share on a server), automated scripts take over, install the software on test computers, and then run thousands of tests. This is true for games, servers, mobile devices, and desktop applications. This is not always true for our services, though. Many Microsoft services test teams have started to measure time from build complete to first deployment complete. This is covered in more detail in the section titled "Performance Test Metrics for Services" later in this chapter. If you've ever had a private build from a developer with release notes saying, "Copy this file here, add this to the configuration file, and register this .dll," you know this takes extra time and is very error prone. A complete setup routine is the key to unlocking the ability of test to install a product quickly and run tests. Deployment is the same way for services and needs to include fully automated deployments from a one-box to a multiserver test configuration and to full production. (See the section titled "The One Box" later in this chapter.) The code for deployment to these various environments must be the same and the variations driven by the input XML. The sad reality for services is that many product engineering teams see deployment as something that needs to happen just once, for the final build deployed to the production servers. When teams make this mistake they delay writing any code for deployment until late in the product cycle. This code is not data driven, it won't be complete, and it won't get tested. Deployment needs to be staffed and tested like a first-class feature.
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This option creates an empty directory that Visual Studio can access as a Web site. You will use Chiron to run the site, but you will find that creating the pages, code, and so on is easier in Visual Studio. From the Solution, right-click the project folder, and select Add New Item this opens the Add New Item dialog box that you can use to create a new HTML page. Select the HTML Page option, and give it the name Default.html. See Figure 15-2.
Do Your Figures Need More Format
For both the Internet and network perimeter interfaces on the firewall, configure the following input and output filters using the firewall s configuration software.
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