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Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
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Verifying the DHCP Server
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SELECT custid, companyname, contactname, contacttitle, address, city, region, postalcode, country, phone, fax FROM Sales.Customers AS C WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM Sales.Orders AS O WHERE O.custid = C.custid) WITH CHECK OPTION; GO
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TABLE 3-12
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The two general categories of targets are synchronous and asynchronous . Rows sent to synchronous targets are sent in the context of the event that causes them to be captured . This can slow down the processing of the original code that fired the event . Asynchronous targets buffer the event rows for later processing . They have much less impact on the processing at the event time . A few specific target types deserve particular mention . Bucketizing targets differ from other targets in that they collect events and only output values associated with a bucket of events . For example, a target that counts the occurrences of an event would be considered a Bucketizing target . The pairing or Pair Matching target is particularly interesting . It matches together related events . For example, a lock-acquired event could be matched with a lock-released event . Once paired, the events are usually discarded . This allows you to easily locate locks that have been acquired but not released . The Ring Buffer target is useful for quick checks for events that don t generate too much data . The event rows are sent into a ring held in memory . This allows us to avoid being concerned about excess memory usage when buffering event rows in memory; however, the
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Figure 6 1. The Shake application, this time in QML
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DEbUgging AjAX
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5 . . Set the DataSourceMode property of the data source to DataReader . You can do this by clicking the data source control in the Designer, and then modifying the property in the Properties pane . 6 . . Drag a ListBox onto the page . Set the AutoPostBack property to true by selecting the check box in the Tasks pane . You could also click Choose Data Source in the ListBox Tasks pane . In practice, this is what you would do most likely . However, here add the code to perform the data binding by hand so that you see how it s done in code . In the code view, locate the Page_Load method and attach the ListBox DataSource property to SqlDataSource1 like so:
Part III:
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
Temporal Support in the Relational Model
2. Set the remote access permission on user accounts to Allow Access or Deny Access to manage remote access by user. Or, to manage remote access by group, set the remote access permission on user accounts to Control Access Through Remote Access Policy. 3. Organize remote access users into the appropriate universal and nested groups to take advantage of group-based remote access policies.
Subnet E
Employing Many Types of Engineers
ZeroDivisionError: divided by 0 from (irb):1:in `/' from (irb):1 This error message shows that an exception of type ZeroDivisionError has been raised, because you attempted to divide ten by zero. Ruby can raise exceptions automatically when you perform incorrect functions, and you can raise exceptions from your own code too. You do this with the raise method and by using an existing exception class, or by creating one of your own that inherits from the Exception class. One of the standard exception classes is ArgumentError, which is used when the arguments provided to a method are fatally flawed. You can use this class as an exception if bad data is supplied to a method of your own: class Person def initialize(name) raise ArgumentError, "No name present" if name.empty end end If you create a new object from Person and supply a blank name, an exception will be raised: fred = Person.new('')
Table 18-1. A Comparison Between Windows Forms and Swing Controls
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