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Using the APM Without the Thread Pool
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Visual Basic Example of Data That Doesn t Indicate an Order Dependency
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Securing Server Roles
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Logic Puzzles
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As illustrated here, if a method takes multiple parameters, the parameter array must be the rightmost parameter declared. The params declaration must indicate the type of array that the method expects to receive; the array can be composed of simple or reference types. Within the body of the method, the params argument is processed as a normal array. The method just shown can be invoked in the following ways:
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SELECT id, cn INTO #tmp FROM dbo.CNUsage;
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Recommended Startup Type 25 Automatic; may be set to Disabled if network settings are configured manually . Automatic Manual
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1. Start pgAdmin III, and log into your database server using the hatshopadmin username, as you did in the last exercise of 2. 2. Expand the hatshop database node, expand Schemas, expand public, and then select the Tables node. Right-click this node, and choose New Table from the context menu. 3. Type department in the Name text box, and then click the Columns tab. 4. In the Columns window, click Add. Complete the details as shown in Figure 3-10, and then click OK.
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BEGIN TRAN UPDATE O SET shipcountry =, shipregion = C.region, shipcity = FROM Sales.Orders AS O JOIN Sales.Customers AS C ON O.custid = C.custid WHERE = N'USA'; ROLLBACK TRAN
Markaby: Markup as ruby
The Java language specification guarantees that any operation on a 32-bit or smaller value will be atomic, without the need to explicitly synchronize access to the variable. With its richer set of data types, .NET takes a different approach, allowing the developer to use the Interlocked class to implement atomic access to variables. Interlocked allows int and long types to be exchanged, incremented, and decremented in a thread-safe manner, with the same effect as wrapping the operations in a lock block. For example:
Part I ASP.NET Essentials
In our case, this prefix length did the trick for some queries, but it wasn't very successful with others. With more realistic trace data, you won't have the privilege of looking at a tiny number of queries and being able to play with the numbers so easily. But the general idea is that you adjust the prefix length by applying trial and error. Here's code that uses a prefix length of 94 and generates the output shown in Table 3-7: SELECT SUBSTRING(tsql_code, 1, 94) AS tsql_code, SUM(duration) AS total_duration FROM dbo.Workload GROUP BY SUBSTRING(tsql_code, 1, 94);
4 GB 2 GB (3 GB if system is booted with /3GB switch)
Lesson 2: Exploring Specialized Server Controls
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