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Custom Loggers
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In RADIUS Server Selection, configure the primary (mandatory) and alter
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You often want to determine which authentication protocol is in use so you can determine why some users are having trouble accessing resources. It is also an issue when you want to consider what visitors can access if they are allowed to plug into your network, or in order to plan security for the LAN Manager protocol. In this exercise, you troubleshoot these kinds of issues. 1. On Computer2, delete any mapped drives or other connections to Computer1. 2. Log off Computer2. 3. Unplug the network connection. If the computer is not plugged into the network, it cannot obtain Kerberos tickets; however, users who have previously authenticated to the domain will be able to log on. Even so, they will not be able to use Kerberos. 4. From Computer1, log on to the domain.
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FIGURE 18-2 The Connectivity page of the Windows SBS Console
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The return statement has the same function and syntax in both C# and Java.
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Software testing is still a relatively new discipline when compared with software development. Companies such as the Computer Usage Corporation (CUC) and Applied Data Research (ADR) started business in the 1950s and provided systems software and applications for computer manufacturers and business users. At that time, testing and debugging were synonymous, and both activities were entirely the programmer's job. In later years, testing became a separate activity, transforming roles from the acts of "bug finding" and verifying that the software satisfied the requirements to activities of finding errors and measuring quality. For the most part, software testing is still an act of verifying software functionality and an attempt to find the most critical errors before the product finds its way into the hands of the customer. Software programs today are bigger, more complex, used in more varying scenarios, and have massive numbers of users. Although more testing occurs earlier in the product cycle in software companies and IT departments, it's unclear whether the investment is making headway against the growing complexity of today's software. Even with our advances in techniques and improvement in software quality despite increases in complexity, we have to ask the obvious question: Where does testing go from here
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11. The Power of Variable Names
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Querying Partitioned Tables
The scenario for this example presentation is that you re the CEO of a nancial services company. You have developed with your team a new line of investment services that you plan to present to executives who might hire your rm to provide the services. Your audience of savvy and experienced businesspeople don t have time to waste, so they expect you to get right to the point. So with that, you start at the top of the story template. In the top cell above Act I, replace the text Title and byline with the title of your presentation in this example, Searching for Solutions. Type a byline for the script following the title in this example, by Pat Coleman, as shown in Figure 4-3.
The process of finding and executing an exception handler is sometimes called unwinding the exception. Exception handlers are kept on an internal stack; as the function call chain grows, the exception handler (if one exists) for each new function is pushed onto this internal stack. When an exception occurs, the operating system finds the thread's exception handler stack and starts calling the exception handlers until one exception handler indicates that it will handle the exception. As the exception works its way down the exception handler stack, the operating system cleans up the call stack and executes any termination handlers it finds along the way. If the unwinding continues to the end of the exception handler stack, the Application Error dialog box or the installed JIT debugger pops up. Your exception handler can determine the exception value by calling the special GetExceptionCode function, which can be called only in exception filters. If you were writing a math package, for example, you might have an exception handler that handles divide-by-zero attempts and returns NaN (not a number). The code in Listing 13-2 shows an example of such an exception handler. The exception filter calls GetExceptionCode, and if the exception is divide-by-zero, the exception handler executes. If any other exception occurs, EXCEPTION_CONTINUE_SEARCH tells the operating system to execute the next __except block up the call chain. Listing 13-2: Example SEH handler with exception filter processing long IntegerDivide ( long x , long y ) { long lRet ; __try { lRet = x / y ; } __except ( EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO == GetExceptionCode ( ) EXCEPTION_EXECUTE_HANDLER : EXCEPTION_CONTINUE_SEARCH ) { lRet = NaN ; } return ( lRet ) ; }
Listing 6-15. Populating a #Cube with CUBE query's result set
VPN Troubleshooting
Actiating and Validating Windows Vista
FIGURE 23-25 Configuring the Windows PowerShell Execution Policy
Figure 13-4. XAP File with Assembly Caching Enabled 8. If you then refresh the Solution Explorer and examine the ClientBin folder you will see that a number of new zip files have been added, as shown in Figure 135. These zip files contain the assemblies that were removed from the *.xap file. When your Silverlight application needs the specific assemblies they will download the assembly via the zip file in the ClientBin.
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