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Part II Solutions
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Q. For which operating systems and with which protocols does Microsoft provide remote access VPN servers
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Of course, your users will never know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses a metadata architecture, but it s important that you know about it for several reasons:
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he name you assign to a volume, partition, or drive should tell you something about it rather than simply mimicking the drive letter. A volume name like
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Configuring and Managing Remote Access
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Set Theory and Predicate Logic
Figure 13-3: The standard user interface for .NET Framework Web services. If you test the Web service using a Netscape browser, you might get a slightly different user interface, depending on the version of the browser and the level of support it provides for cascading style sheets (CSS). Also bear in mind that the Web service console shown in Figure 13-3 assumes that your client machine has a program registered to handle XML files. The response of the method is saved to a local XML file that is then displayed through the registered program. On many Microsoft Windows machines, the default handler of XML files is Internet Explorer. Figure 13-4 shows what happens when you test the GetSalesReport method with the default (and test-only) user interface.
You typically use the LIKE operator in the WHERE clause of your queries in combination with a search pattern. In the example shown in Listing 4-27, the query returns all courses that have something to do with SQL, using the search pattern %SQL%. Listing 4-27. Using the LIKE Operator with the Percent Character select * from courses where description LIKE '%SQL%'; CODE ---SQL PLS DESCRIPTION -----------------------------Introduction to SQL Introduction to PL/SQL TYP DURATION --- -------GEN 4 BLD 1
Therefore, if you're concerned about the visual impact of the printed version, you should deactivate the printing option here in the dialog box shown, and use formulas to separately generate the important texts that are to be printed (for example, hidden behind the controls or elsewhere) . If you can t figure out how this works based on the information in this chapter, the technique is illustrated in several examples later .
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You administer a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain at Blue Yonder Airlines. The domain is on a single network segment and contains 120 clients running Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional, and five servers running Windows Server 2003. Two of the servers are domain controllers, one is a router and NAT provider, one is a file and print server, and the fourth is an application server named App1. App1 runs a line-of-business booking registration client/server application. Users report long response times. You examine the client/server application and find that it is transmitting large amounts of data to one client on the network. The application cannot identify the client. You need to identify this client computer. What do you do
Company policy requires that all client machines in the Payroll department be secured using the Securews.inf template settings. You create a Payroll OU in your Microsoft Windows 2003 Active Directory domain, put all the relevant computer accounts into this OU, create a GPO linked to the OU, and import the Securews.inf template into that GPO. All computers in the Payroll department are clients running Windows XP Professional. You find that some clients in the Payroll department are able to access an unsecure member server running Windows NT 4 that has no service packs installed. You have been intending to upgrade this server, but you welcome the indication that some cli ents are not as secure as they ought to be. What should you do to ensure that Securews.inf is applied to all the Payroll computers A. Run the Convert command-line utility on the unsecured clients. B. Use the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in to import the Securews.inf template on each of the unsecured clients, selecting the Clear This Database Before Importing check box during the import operation.
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: This solution will work, but it will use up your valuable time. B. Incorrect: This solution will work, but there s an even easier option. C. Correct: The DHCP lease has expired on some of the PCs. Because the subnet was physically disconnected from the rest of the school network, these PCs have not been able to obtain a lease and have configured themselves through APIPA. Clients configured with APIPA broadcast for a DHCP server every 5 minutes. Now that the subnet is reconnected, they will find one. D. Incorrect: Not only will this solution not solve the problem, but it will also involve unnecessary administrative effort.
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