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The process of reading, analyzing, and describing the contents of frames is known as parsing. In Network Monitor, parsers are .dll files that are responsible for breaking down and reading messages from various protocols. By default, Network Monitor includes more than 20 parsers that are responsible for parsing over 90 protocols.
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SQL*Plus Substitution Variables ........................................................................................................... 288 SQL*Plus User-Defined Variables ......................................................................................................... 290 Implicit SQL*Plus User-Defined Variables ....................................................................................... 291 User-Friendly Prompting ................................................................................................................. 292 SQL*Plus System Variables .................................................................................................................. 293
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What Makes a Good Build Agent
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No fill is defined for the chart area, meaning that it s completely transparent . The entire background design extending beyond the chart area consists of formatted table cells . The chart title is a text field without a fixed position, rather than a chart element or the content of a table cell . When these color assignments were made, particular attention was given to the need for a target- audience-oriented approach, as described earlier . For the presentation to succeed, it needs to draw the immediate attention of the sponsors and potential event organizers to the important columns of events E05 to E08 . If you reduce or enlarge the plot area, the color fill will automatically adapt to this change . If you use a photograph as a fill, as in this example, be sure to scale the fill proportionately to avoid ugly distortions of the image . The columns fall into one of two color categories, which also have slightly different degrees of transparency . The structures of the stadium building show through, but that doesn t interfere with the perception of the columns themselves . The trendline also has a gradient fill, and slight shading was added to it . This shading is easier to see in the Model 1 worksheet . The rising trendline lines up nicely with the stadium oval . This is no fortunate coincidence . On the contrary, it was taken into account during the planning and design of the chart and the picture .
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Two-Way Data Binding
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Part II Advanced Features
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19. On the IP Filter Wizard welcome page, click Next.
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-- Create assembly CREATE ASSEMBLY CLRUtilities FROM 'C:\CLRUtilities\CLRUtilities\bin\Debug\CLRUtilities.dll' WITH PERMISSION_SET = SAFE; -- If no Debug folder, use instead: -- FROM 'C:\CLRUtilities\CLRUtilities\bin\CLRUtilities.dll' GO ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Scalar Function: RegexIsMatch ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Create RegexIsMatch function CREATE FUNCTION dbo.RegexIsMatch (@inpstr AS NVARCHAR(MAX), @regexstr AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) RETURNS BIT WITH RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT EXTERNAL NAME CLRUtilities.CLRUtilities.RegexIsMatch; GO -- Note: By default, automatic deployment with VS will create functions -- with the option CALLED ON NULL INPUT -- and not with RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT -- Test RegexIsMatch function SELECT dbo.RegexIsMatch( N'dejan@solidq.com', N'^([\w-]+\.)* [\w-]+@[\w-]+\.([\w-]+\.)* [\w]+$'); GO ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Scalar Function: RegexReplace ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Create RegexReplace function CREATE FUNCTION dbo.RegexReplace( @input AS NVARCHAR(MAX), @pattern AS NVARCHAR(MAX), @replacement AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) RETURNS NVARCHAR(MAX) WITH RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT EXTERNAL NAME CLRUtilities.CLRUtilities.RegexReplace; GO -- Test RegexReplace function SELECT dbo.RegexReplace('(123)-456-789', '[^0-9]', ''); GO ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Scalar Function: FormatDatetime ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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I won t de ne the Big Oh notations here; the de nitions are quite technical. However, I will point out that you re more likely to hear someone mention Big Oh than Big Theta, which I used earlier. If you hear students of computer science refer to Big Oh, they are almost certainly talking about algorithmic complexity, but they could mean Big Anything because the meanings of the various notations are frequently confused. The Big Oh family of notations are generally attributed to the late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century number theorists Landau and Bachmann. Although they look like real-valued functions, the expressions (n2), O(n), o(log n), and so on are not real-valued functions. Instead, they are sets of functions, whence the preceding language in (n2) . Unfortunately, this notation is used in a number of confusing (some might say careless, sloppy, or wrong) ways. In particular, f = O(g) is commonly written to mean not that f equals O(g) but that f equals some element of O(g).
VPN Server Configuration
endtime), which is the optimal index for this query. In the plan, this index is scanned in order (Index Scan operator) and distinct rows are isolated (Stream Aggregate operator). As rows are streamed out from the Stream Aggregate operator, a Nested Loops operator invokes a series of activities to calculate the count of active sessions for each row. Because the Sessions table is so tiny (only one page of data), the optimizer simply decides to scan the whole table (unordered clustered index scan) to calculate each count. With a larger data set, instead of scanning the table, the plan would perform a seek and ordered partial scan of the covering index to obtain each count. Finally, another Stream Aggregate operator groups the data by app to calculate the maximum count for each group. Now that you're familiar with the problem, suppose you were asked to prepare sample data with 1,000,000 rows in the source table (call it BigSessions) such that it would represent a realistic environment. Ideally, you should be thinking about the number of customers, the number of different order dates, and so on. However, people often take the most obvious approach, which is to duplicate the data from the small source table many times; in our case, such an approach would drastically skew the performance compared to a more realistic representation of production environments. Now run the code in Listing 3-7 to generate the BigSessions table by duplicating the data from the Sessions table many times. You will get 1,000,000 rows in the BigSessions table.
These tests show a common pattern in unit tests, in which there s at least one test per method of the object under test. Our tests are self-explanatory, so rather than walking line-by-line, we ll just call out a few of the high points. First, with a few exceptions, the test reuses a single QuakeEvent object, rather than creating one for each case. This increases performance (fewer memory allocations), but requires that the basic object recycling interface that the QuakeEvent::clear method promises be working correctly. As each test case starts, the init method initializes the unit test s mEvent field with known content hand-scraped from the USGS web site s feed. When the test is completed, the cleanup method clears the mEvent field, ensuring that each test enters and concludes with the recycled object in a known state. Second, tests that require their own object either one that hasn t been initialized, like the testConstructor test, or one that requires more than one QuakeEvent object, such as testComparator simply create a second object and initialize them as the logic behind the test case requires. Third, the test for QuakeEvent::when is probably a little underpowered; you remember from 5 that it scrapes the date from a text string and requires exact matching of month names; a good test case would probably set several different date strings on the QuakeEvent and check that each date gets parsed correctly. (Even better would be one that includes invalid dates and protects against crashes or bizarre failures.) However, the code we wrote was reviewed, which provides some confidence, and such an example could become tedious for you to read very quickly. Finally, unit tests that compare floating-point numbers are notoriously finicky to get exactly right. Thanks to the vagaries of floating-point arithmetic, you should always declare the precision you desire and use either qFuzzyCompare or QCOMPARE (which uses qFuzzyCompare under the hood). If you don t, you can get all kinds of odd results, especially when computing with double-precision floating-point numbers or when matching single-precision and double-precision arithmetic. Here, given the nature of the input and results, single-precision arithmetic is ample, so it s all we do.
// Partial2.CS using System; public partial class SplitMe { public static void Main() { SplitMe splitMe = new SplitMe(); splitMe.Method1(); splitMe.Method2(); } public void Method2() { Console.WriteLine("SplitMe Method2"); }
FIGURE 4-3 Type the title and byline in the top cell of the story template.
do { GetData( inputFile, data ); if ( !eof( inputFile )) { DoSomething( data ); } } while ( ( data != -1 ) && ( !eof( InputFile ) ) );
Private Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Init CODEGEN: This method call is required by the Web Form Designer Do not modify it using the code editor. InitializeComponent() End Sub
Key names Key names are delimited by brackets and must include the full path from root key to the current subkey. The root key name must not be abbreviated. (Don t use HKCU, for example.) Figure 26-3 shows only one key name, but you can have as many as you please. The default value Undefined default values do not appear in .reg files. Defined default values are identified by the special character @. Thus, a key whose default REG_SZ value was defined as MyApp would appear in a .reg file this way:
[Serializable] internal class Circle { private Double m_radius; [NonSerialized] private Double m_area; public Circle(Double radius) { m_radius = radius; m_area = Math.PI * m_radius * m_radius; } ... }
// Resolve the cache and auth provider objects from the container. ISecurityCacheProvider secCache = EnterpriseLibraryContainer.Current.GetInstance<ISecurityCacheProvider>( "CacheProvider"); IAuthorizationProvider ruleAuth = EnterpriseLibraryContainer.Current.GetInstance<IAuthorizationProvider>( "RuleProvider"); IAuthorizationProvider azmanAuth = EnterpriseLibraryContainer.Current.GetInstance<IAuthorizationProvider>( "AzManProvider");
Figure 5-2. Sample search results
Of course, you can play with the delay period as you wish. The following code simulates a session that processes messages repeatedly using these steps: 1. Lock @n available new messages using an UPDATE TOP (@n) statement with the READPAST hint to skip locked rows and change their status to open . The integer @n is a con gurable input that determines the maximum number of messages to process in each iteration. 2. Store the attributes of the messages in the @Msgs table variable using the OUTPUT clause. 3. Process the messages. 4. Set the status of the messages to done by joining the Messages table and the @Msgs table variable. 5. If no new message was found in the Messages table, wait for one second.
In the Point value type defined earlier, no default parameterless constructor is defined . However, let s rewrite that code as follows:
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