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Note As you can tell from the Colors and Lines tab in the dialog boxes shown in Figure 7-10, you can also define a fill color and a border for check boxes (as you can for option buttons) .
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a specific CPU architecture . In this case, when specifying an assembly s identity, you can also include a process architecture part . For example, if my GAC happened to have an IL-neutral and an x86-specific version of an assembly, the CLR would favor the CPU-specific version of the assembly (as discussed in 3, Shared Assemblies and Strongly Named Assemblies ) . However, I can force the CLR to load the IL-neutral version by passing the following string to Assembly s Load method:
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8 9 10 3526.4 4021.6 4516.8 4021.6 4516.8 5012 Context ------------------LCX_INDEX_INTERIOR LCX_GAM LCX_IAM LCX_PFS LCX_HEAP LCX_INDEX_INTERIOR LCX_INDEX_INTERIOR LCX_HEAP LCX_INDEX_INTERIOR LCX_CLUSTERED LCX_INDEX_INTERIOR AvgLen ----------60 60 60 80 84 84 84 84 84 2099 5012 0 0 93 Cnt ----------93 3137 3137 28230 25000 93 25093 25000 93 100000 93
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Part V
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4. In the Approve Updates dialog box, select the groups of computers to approve
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FIGURE 8-8 Results of a phone number search using the default Find Columns
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// in n is large, this will throw System.OverflowException
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Interfaces and Inheritance
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The external column aliasing format lacks all the aforementioned bene ts. One case where you may nd it convenient to work with is when the query de ning the table expression is pretty much a done deal in terms of development, and you want to focus your attention on the name of the table and its attributes.
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