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together a list of more-specific resources in Appendix C, too.
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From within an ASP.NET page, you need to run a section of code only if the user has previously loaded the page and is submitting data as part of a form. Which Page object property should you use
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Group Policy
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On the Hub Members page that appears if you chose the Hub And Spoke topology, specify the hub servers. On the Hub And Spoke Connections page that appears if you chose the Hub And Spoke topology, verify that the wizard lists the proper spoke servers. To change the required hub server with which a spoke member replicates preferentially, or the optional hub member with which a spoke member replicates if the required hub member is unavailable, select the spoke server, click Edit and then specify the required hub and the optional hub. On the Replication Group Schedule And Bandwidth page, choose when to replicate and the maximum amount of bandwidth you want DFS Replication to use. To create a custom schedule, choose Replicate During The Speci ed Days And Times and then click Edit Schedule. You can create a custom schedule that uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or the local time of the receiving server. On the Review Settings And Create Replication Group page, review the settings and then click Create. Review for errors and then click Close. Windows then replicates topology and replication settings to all domain controllers. A replication group member polls its nearest domain controller regularly. (By default, replication group members perform a lightweight poll every ve minutes for Subscription objects under the local computer container and a full poll every hour.) It receives the settings after Windows updates the domain controller. To change the replication polling interval, use the Dfsrdiag command.
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// The proper way. Each parameter is checked individually so that you // can see which one failed. szItem , int iLen ) { ASSERT ( i > 0 ) ; ASSERT ( NULL != szItem ) ; ASSERT ( ( iLen > 0 ) && ( iLen < MAX_PATH ) ) ; ASSERT ( FALSE == IsBadStringPtr ( szItem , iLen ) ) ; } When you assert a condition, you need to strive to check the condition completely. For example, if your .NET method takes a string as a parameter and you expect the string to have something in it, checking against null checks only part of the error condition. // An example of checking only a part of the error condition bool LookupCustomerName ( string CustomerName ) { Debug.Assert ( null != CustomerName , "null != CustomerName" ) ; } You can check the full condition by also checking to see whether the string is empty. // An example of completely checking the error condition bool LookupCustomerName ( string CustomerName ) { Debug.Assert ( null != CustomerName , "null != CustomerName" ) ; Debug.Assert ( 0 CustomerName.Length" ) ; != CustomerName.Length ,"\"\" != BOOL GetPathItem ( int i , LPTSTR
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This task scheduler allows no more than n (a constructor parameter) tasks to execute simultaneously .
Note For more information on tweaking the Page Viewer Web Part, see the section Displaying HTML
The first line of code inside the ImplicitlyTypedLocalVariables method is introducing a new local variable using the C# var token . To determine the type of the name variable, the compiler looks at the type of the expression on the right side of the assignment operator (=) . Since "Jeff" is a string, the compiler infers that name s type must be String . To prove that the compiler is inferring the type correctly, I wrote the ShowVariableType method . This generic method infers the type of its argument, and then it shows the type that it inferred on the console . I added what ShowVariableType displayed as comments inside the ImplicitlyTypedLocalVariables method for easy reading . The second assignment (commented out) inside the ImplicitlyTypedLocalVariables method would produce a compiler error ("error CS0815: Cannot assign <null> to an implicitly-typed local variable") because null is implicitly castable to any reference type or nullable value type; therefore, the compiler cannot infer a distinct type for it . However, on the third assignment, I show that it is possible to initialize an implicitly typed local variable with null if you explicitly specify a type (Exception, in my example) . While this is possible, it is not that useful because you could also write Exception x = null; to get the same result .
Open the Windows SBS Console if it isn t already open. Select Security on the navigation bar. Click Updates, if it isn t on top, to display the Updates page. Select the update you want to deploy or decline in the main pane of the Updates page and read the description of the update in the details pane. Click Deploy (or Decline) in the Tasks pane to open the Software Updates dialog box shown in Figure 15-7. (The Decline dialog box is essentially the same, except that it says Decline instead of Deploy.)
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
1. At a command prompt, type regedit to open Registry Editor . 2. Navigate to the subkey within HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Eventlog
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Listing 1-5. OVER clause in logical query processing
The Famous Double-Check Locking Technique
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